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bagpipesbag‧pipes /ˈbæɡpaɪps/ noun [plural] APMa musical instrument played especially in Scotland, in which air blown into a bag is forced out through pipes to produce a soundbagpipe adjective
Examples from the Corpus
bagpipesThe memorial at the bomb site featured mournful bagpipes played Amazing Grace after Marine Capt.They arrived at the federal building site to the keening of bagpipes.He started to learn the bagpipes at the age of nine and won several junior prizes.Because when the curtain went up, there were three men playing the bagpipes.Tom was aghast when he saw the bagpipes.Emperor Frederick showed him great kindness and asked what reward he wanted for playing so well upon the bagpipes.This was the road where the bagpipes had been hit by a piece of shrapnel.The bagpipes were still there, they had not played a note since yesterday afternoon.