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backyardback‧yard, back yard /ˌbækˈjɑːd◂ $ -ˈjɑːrd◂/ noun [countable] 1 British EnglishDHDLO a small area behind a house, covered with a hard surface2 American EnglishDHDLG an area of land behind a house, often covered with grass The old man grew vegetables in his backyard.3 in somebody’s own backyard4 not in my backyardbackyard adjective [only before noun] a backyard pool
Examples from the Corpus
backyardSimilarly, Jane wrote a little book about what she saw in her backyard.It transpired in backyards and on doorsteps and inside offices as well as in the classroom.Tiffany Ball kept shooting Saturday afternoon on the little backyard court, shooting long after her hot streak had ended.They have a big stockmarket in their own backyard.It was the closest he could come to religion: this sense of something in the backyard at night.In the backyards were the brick wash-houses and the coal bunkers.He got up and left the terrace, walked right out of the backyard, turned left.He could see a tiny backyard with a scrap of lawn and a few flowers.