back office

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishback officeˈback ˌoffice noun [countable] the department of a bank or other financial institution that manages or organizes the work of the institution, but that does not deal with customersback-office adjective [only before noun] back-office operations
Examples from the Corpus
back officeAnd when I ran mortgages, I religiously took people from the back office.She liked to stick around, see the results, maybe enjoy some off-camera larks in the back office.The first traders had their origin, like Lewie, in the back office.In 1979 Tom Kendall joined the desk from Wharton, with a brief intervening stop in the back office.
From King Business Dictionaryback officeˌback ˈoffice [singular] FINANCE the department of a financial institution that does work connected with managing and organizing the work of the institution, rather than the actual work of trading, working with clients etcBack office problems led to a suspension of trading. office