From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishawkwardawk‧ward /ˈɔːkwəd $ ˈɒːkwərd/ ●●○ S3 adjective 1 EMBARRASSEDmaking you feel embarrassed so that you are not sure what to do or say SYN difficult I hoped he would stop asking awkward questions. There was an awkward moment when she didn’t know whether to shake his hand or kiss his cheek. an awkward silence A laugh can help people over an awkward situation. Philip’s remarks put her in an awkward position (=made it difficult for her to know what to do).see thesaurus at embarrassed2 EMBARRASSEDCLUMSYnot relaxed or comfortable She liked to dance but felt awkward if someone was watching her. Geoff looked uneasy and awkward. Make sure that the baby is not sleeping in an awkward position.3 DIFFICULTdifficult to do, use, or deal with It’ll be awkward getting cars in and out. The new financial arrangements were awkward to manage. A good carpenter can make a cupboard to fit the most awkward space. She was afraid he was going to ask an awkward question.see thesaurus at difficult4 CONVENIENTnot convenient I’m sorry to call at such an awkward time but I won’t keep you a minute.5 HELPan awkward person is deliberately unhelpful SYN difficultawkward about The staff wanted to go home and they were getting awkward about a meeting starting so late. an awkward customer (=person who is difficult and unhelpful)awkwardly adverb ‘I’m very sorry about your sister, ’ he said awkwardly. Vera smiled awkwardly.awkwardness noun [uncountable] He tried to smooth over the awkwardness of the situation.
Examples from the Corpus
awkwardShe may appear stiff and perhaps awkward.Do you have to be so awkward about everything?I didn't know anyone at the party, and I felt really awkward at first.The Department can be very awkward at times.It was really awkward, because she and Rachel don't get along.She felt awkward in her high-heeled shoes.This, with his stupid loyalty and his awkward maleness, she found touching.For one awkward moment I thought I had said something terribly wrong.Seals are awkward on land, but graceful in the water.He's at an age when kids start asking awkward questions - like 'Where do babies come from?'Whilst the others joked, drank and flirted, they would sit in awkward seriousness.If Jack had been at all concerned that his impulsive gesture would result in an awkward silence he need not have awkward silenceCarrie laughed out loud, and there was an awkward awkward teenagerI'm sorry, have I called at an awkward time?The camera is awkward to use.Bud turned round and gave an awkward wave out of the car window.Getting in and out of the water is awkward when you're wearing flippers.the awkward wording of the letterawkward silenceSpider said after an awkward silence.When we got to the restaurant, there was an awkward silence as I took out my tape recorder.There was another awkward silence, broken by the laughter from the bar.An awkward silence fell between them.If Jack had been at all concerned that his impulsive gesture would result in an awkward silence he need not have worried.She figured the awkward silence was partly the result of people believing that only big topics were worthy of being discussed.There was an awkward silence which Maidstone might have broken with some amiable remark to save Sandison's face.An awkward silence would do them both good.awkward customerPerhaps pressure from his local boss or party secretary would revise the awkward customer's views in an acceptable direction.
Origin awkward (1500-1600) awk turned the wrong way ((15-17 centuries)) (from Old Norse öfugr) + -ward