From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishawarda‧ward1 /əˈwɔːd $ -ɔːrd/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable] 1 GIVEsomething such as a prize or money given to someone to reward them for something they have done The movie has won a number of awards. an award-winning restaurantaward for the award for best student2 MONEYsomething, especially money, that is officially given to someone as a payment or after a legal decision the teachers’ pay award an award for unfair dismissalCOLLOCATIONSverbswin an awardCaprio won the award for best award-winning novelget/receive an awardHe is the youngest person ever to receive the award.give somebody an awardThe award is given each year to the best new artist.present somebody with an award (=give someone an award at a formal ceremony)She cried when she was presented with her nominated for an award (also be up for an award informal) (=to be chosen as one of the people, films etc that could receive an award)Four films have been nominated for the award.The book is up for an award. pick up/scoop up an award (=to get an award – used especially in news reports)Angelina Jolie scooped up the award for best actress.the award goes to somebody/something (=that person, film etc is chosen to receive it)The poetry award went to Lisa Mueller for ‘Alive Together'.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + awardthe highest awardThe Victoria Cross is Britain’s highest military award.a top award/a major awardThe restaurant has won several top awards.Their design won a major award at a Paris exhibition.a special awardHe received a special award for his work as a movie director.a prestigious award (=very well-respected)The Nobel Prize is regarded as the most prestigious award in the world.a film/music/poetry etc awardthe annual British music awardsa literary awardThe book was nominated for a major US literary award.award + NOUNan awards ceremonyMy parents wanted to be at the awards ceremony.The stars are gathering for the annual awards award winnerThe award winners will be announced in award scheme British EnglishThe league started a new award scheme for young players.
Examples from the Corpus
awardPaltrow won the "Best Actress" award.Cricket benefited by about £750,000 when the July awards of the Foundation for Sport and the Arts were announced.She received a $700 legal award against her ex-landlord.As is the custom at such ceremonies, we start with the lesser awards.The prizes, the most prestigious awards given for journalism, are presented annually by Columbia University.Brian has won several local science awards and is computer club president and a member of the varsity bowling team.An avid Everton supporter, Christopher was nominated for the award by a teacher.The award ceremony will be held at the National Film Theatre tonight.You, the citizen, must pay for these awards in increased premiums, their advertisements say.
awardaward2 ●●○ W3 verb [transitive] 1 GIVEto officially give someone something such as a prize or money to reward them for something they have done Moodie has been awarded a golf scholarship at the University of Hawaii.award somebody something The judge awarded me first prize.award something to somebody A Nobel Prize was awarded to Waksman in 1952.see thesaurus at give2 GIVEto officially decide that someone should receive a payment or a formal agreementaward somebody something The government awarded a German company the contract.award something to somebody £45,000 was awarded to a typist with an injured hand.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
awardA woman who suffered brain damage during an operation has been awarded $300,000 in compensation.Prizes supplied by the King Group will be awarded.Ted's efforts for our club were fully recognised by everyone at Crystal Palace and he was awarded a Benefit in 1920-21.Venues awarded a Heartbeat logo in the council's healthy eating campaign are also identified.The management have awarded all factory employees a 5% pay increase.He was awarded the £40 he had been ordered to pay in excess fares plus interest plus costs.She was awarded the Nobel Prize for her work in medical research.Four other firms are here too, and the long-established Mancunian company Demmy has recently been awarded the seventh licence.I hope that the people who have awarded themselves excessive pay rises will hear that from me and the hon. Gentleman.The 20-year franchise has been awarded to Govia, which operates Thames Trains and Thameslink.Grants awarded: Grants worth £65,048 have been awarded to local development agencies by Cleveland County Council.award something to somebodyThe contract was awarded to a small architectural firm.Prizes will be awarded to the top three runners.
From King Business Dictionaryawarda‧ward1 /əˈwɔːd-ɔːrd/ noun [countable]1an amount of money that is given to someone as a result of an official decision or judgmentthe basic award for unfair dismissalThe nurses’ pay award (=increase in pay) was not nearly as much as they had expected.2something such as a prize or an amount of money given to a person or company to reward them for something they have done85% of the company’s product is sold overseas, a feat which won it the Queen’s Award for Export.awardaward2 verb [transitive]1to officially decide that someone should have something such as an amount of moneybe awarded somethingWe were naturally delighted to be awarded this contract.award somebody somethingThe tribunal can award you compensation or order your reinstatement.2to officially give a prize or an amount of money to a person or company, to reward them for what they have donebe awarded somethingHe has been awarded the MBE for services to the electricity supply industry.award somebody somethingThe university awarded her a scholarship.→ See Verb tableOrigin award2 (1300-1400) Old North French eswarder, from warder to guard