From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishawaita‧wait /əˈweɪt/ ●○○ verb [transitive] 1 WAITto wait for something Several men are awaiting trial for robbery.see thesaurus at wait2 HAPPENif a situation, event etc awaits you, it is going to happen in the future A terrible surprise awaited them at Mr Tumnus’ house.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
awaitOn that day I was ordered to close my eyes and await a big surprise.The committee is awaiting a decision from head office before it takes any action.The rest are in custody and await arraignment.The British army was trapped on the sands, awaiting destruction.As Lord Westbourne stomped back in, in a thoroughly bad temper, one more shock awaited him.But Mr Kostunica is suggesting, with characteristic caution, that any such prosecution await reforms of the legal system.A horrible fate awaited these young creatures.Hospital waiting lists have grown to almost one million people awaiting treatment.Two men have been charged with murder and are now in prison awaiting trial.We knew that blizzard conditions awaited us in Boston.
Origin await (1200-1300) Old North French awaitier, from waitier; WAIT1