Word family noun availability adjective availableunavailable
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishavailablea‧vail‧a‧ble /əˈveɪləbəl/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL adjective 1 AVAILABLEsomething that is available is able to be used or can easily be bought or found Tickets are available from the box office.available to Not enough data is available to scientists.available to do something Funds are available to assist teachers who want to attend the conference.available for No figures are available for the number of goods sold.available in There are plenty of jobs available in the area.readily/widely available (=very easy to obtain) Parking is readily available near the station entrance. Meetings were held to update employees as soon as new information became available. Further building can continue when money is made available. Every available space on the wall was covered in pictures.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that a book, record etc is out rather than available:His new album is out now.2 AVAILABLE[not before noun] someone who is available is not busy and has enough time to talk to you Collins was not available for comment on Thursday night.3 RELATIONSHIPsomeone who is available does not have a wife, boyfriend etc, and therefore may want to start a new romantic relationship with someone elseCOLLOCATIONSverbsbecome availableLuckily a house soon became available for us.make something availableWith the Internet it is possible to make learning available wherever it is needed.adverbsbe easily/readily/freely available (=easy to get)The material used was cheap and readily available.be widely available (=available in many places)Organic food is now widely available.adjectivesthe best availableWe use the best available technology.phrasesthe only available somethingOne small tree was the only available protection from the sun.the nearest available somethingRuth sat down in the nearest available armchair.every available somethingYou should practise speaking the language at every available opportunity. THESAURUSavailable if something is available, you can buy it, get it, or use itAre there any tickets still available for Saturday?There’s no room for more books – we’ve used up all the available space.free if a seat or room is free, it is not being used by anyoneExcuse me, is this seat free?The hotel never has any free rooms over the Christmas period.vacant if a house or room is vacant, it is available for someone to use or rentIf you’re looking for somewhere to rent, I think there’s a vacant apartment in my building.I’ll ask around and see if there’s a room vacant somewhere.The sign on the toilet said ‘vacant’. spare a spare room, key, tyre etc is one that you have in addition to the ones that you normally use, and is therefore available to be usedWe have a spare room you can stay in.There’s a spare key in this drawer.I got the spare tyre out of the back of the car.empty an empty room, building etc has no one in itThe house was empty for two months before it was sold.They have three empty rooms now that the kids have moved out.on offer if something is on offer, it is available for people to choose fromThere is a huge network of cycle tracks on offer.Other facilities on offer in this excellent hotel include a hairdressing salon, a coffee shop, and a children's play room. the variety of delicious fruits on offertaken [not before noun] if a seat or room is taken, it is not available for other people to use, because someone has already arranged to use itI’m sorry – that seat is taken.I’m afraid all our rooms are taken at the moment.
Examples from the Corpus
availableUse whatever seasonal vegetables are available.We need someone to work on this job immediately. Who's available?Most of the staff is away today so you'll have to use whoever is available.Tickets are available at all Ticketmaster locations.This program will take up a lot of your available disk space.None of the witnesses were available for comment.The mayor was not available for comment.Do you have a room available for this weekend?The publication is available from the U.S. department of Agriculture.Copies are available in the Vote Office.More money may become available later in the year.Drugs like heroin are readily available on the streets.Houses were being built on every available plot of land.There's no room for more books - we've used up all the available space.We've used up all the available space.Such techniques are not available to middle-class families with modest savings, or to small business owners holding long-term capital gains.Grants are available to students who have high grades.The more directly comprehensible parts of the Challenger's programme were thus made available to the public at a provisional stage.These statistics are never sold or made available to the public.Also available would be cash from dividends of the stocks the funds hold, usually a small amount.Every availableEvery available ambulance rushed to the scene of the accident.
From King Business Dictionaryavailablea‧vail‧a‧ble /əˈveɪləbəl/ adjective1able to be bought, used, seen etcThey plan to make the product widely available in vending machines.Full-year results aren’t yet available.2if someone is available, they are not busy and can see or talk to peopleI’m afraid the chairman isn’t available at the moment.Are you available for a meeting next Wednesday?