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autoau‧to /ˈɔːtəʊ $ ˈɒːtoʊ/ noun (plural autos) [countable] TTCa car imported autos the auto industry auto insurance
Examples from the Corpus
autoFamily debts and obligations are at least as important as auto loans.But they face opposition from a lobbying powerhouse of credit card companies, banks, auto companies and retail chains.The company said the additional line of credit will be used to finance the daily purchase of auto receivables prior to securitization.People all have jobs now, at the steel mill and the auto plant.That's more profit than the oil and gas industry and twice as much as the auto industry.In the auto business, lifestyle refers to how one spends his or her money.
auto-auto- /ɔːtəʊ, -tə $ ɒːtoʊ, -tə/ prefix 1 XXof or by yourself an autobiography2 XXworking by itself a camera with an auto-focus lens
Examples from the Corpus
auto-an automatic cameraan automobile
From King Business Dictionaryautoau‧to /ˈɔːtəʊˈɒːtoʊ/ noun American English1[countable]MANUFACTURING another name for AUTOMOBILE, especially when talking about the car industryauto manufacturersJapan’s auto dealerships are controlled by the producers.2autos [plural]FINANCE shares in companies that make carsHe is avoiding airlines, autos and retailers.Origin auto (1800-1900) automobile auto- Greek autos same, self