From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattributeat‧tri‧bute1 /əˈtrɪbjuːt $ -bjət/ ●○○ AWL verb attribute something to somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
attributeSome economists attribute much of the rising wage inequality in this country to the shift in favor of the most skilled workers.We describe their behaviour by attributing our explanations to those individuals.We do not attribute reality to all the objects of our apparent perception.I attribute that partly to discipline, partly to desire, and partly to the old transferability of skills.The charitable thing to do would be to attribute this to great defense.She achieves this by attributing to Freud a relatively low level of transhistorical applicability.One very significant change from Morgan we can attribute to Marx.
attributeat‧tri‧bute2 /ˈætrəbjuːt/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable] CHARACTER OF somethingCHARACTER/PERSONALITYa quality or feature, especially one that is considered to be good or useful What attributes should a good manager possess?
Examples from the Corpus
attributeBut he also offers an attribute not commonly found in the breed: intelligence.He possesses the essential attributes of a journalist.Kindness is just one of her many attributes.It then extracts the required object or attribute and presents its graphically.Physically short and slightly built, Atkinson possessed remarkable attributes.Hope is one of mankind's most enduring and rewarding attributes.She spent most of the interview describing the company's attributes to me.Teamwork contributed to both the identification of location clients and the delivery of Glasgow's attributes to meet their specific needs.Several pots with the same attributes constitute a pot type, and typology groups artifacts into such types.Everyone knew he had all the attributes a golfer needs, and his swing was poetry in motion.He had all the attributes of a great leader: charisma, energy, discipline, and resourcefulness.The attribute that people found most attractive in Sharon was her optimism.In addition to this attribute database a cartographic database is also being developed.In Brunnson's view, effective ideologies should have three attributes.
From King Business Dictionaryattributeat‧tri‧bute /ˈætrɪbjuːt/ noun [countable]1MARKETING a characteristic, feature, or quality of a productIn selling cars, product quality and product attributes are complex.2STATISTICS a quality that people in a group either have or do not have, used as the basis for ATTRIBUTE SAMPLINGOrigin attribute1 (1300-1400) Latin past participle of attribuere, from ad- to + tribuere; TRIBUTE