Word family noun attraction attractiveness adjective attractiveunattractive verb attract adverb attractively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattractiveat‧trac‧tive /əˈtræktɪv/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective 1 BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGsomeone who is attractive is good looking, especially in a way that makes you sexually interested in them an attractive young woman Women seem to find him attractive.see thesaurus at beautiful2 BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGpleasant to look at Kitchen utensils should be attractive as well as functional.3 ATTRACThaving qualities that make you want to accept something or be involved in itattractive to a political movement that is attractive to young peopleattractive offer/proposition/package etc I must say, it’s a very attractive offer.see thesaurus at goodattractively adverbattractiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
attractiveA resumption of dividend payments looks in store this year and the shares at 37p are attractive.She is only a skeleton, but she believes she is still alive and highly attractive.Still another way of promoting a more embracing gay culture is to make old age more attractive.It's enough for me that my husband thinks I'm sexually attractive.Lower rates have made other currencies, such as the dollar, more attractive.She's very nice but I don't really find her attractive.Everything had been provided to make this room an attractive and restful setting for any guest.I don't find those body-builders with huge muscles attractive at all.This attractive book is an ideal gift for any young baseball fan.He seemed unaware of how attractive he was to women.The interest rate makes these an attractive investment.The staff includes many top scientists who left attractive jobs elsewhere to join the hard-driving CEO.He was a tall attractive man in his mid-forties.The job pays well and you get a company car and 30 days holiday a year -- it's certainly an attractive attractive outfitWe've put together what we think is a very attractive package, including discounts, special offers, and free attractive personalityThe houses were situated in an attractive spot, near the river.Improvements to public infrastructure is one way of making depressed areas more attractive to private industry.I don't know what makes Jamie so attractive to women.An attractive verandah restaurant, open to the public, offers romantic àlacarte dining.She was an attractive woman, but I never thought she had a human feeling in her.find ... attractiveDespite the fashion, Max must have found her attractive.Draw your allotted area to scale on graph paper, sketching out patterns that you find attractive.Flying schools and airfields might find them particularly attractive.He had obviously found Jenny attractive.Which features may tourists find attractive?She wanted to flirt and dance and find out how attractive she was to other men.In most cases, the perfumes that insects find attractive, such as lavender, roses, and honeysuckle, please us as well.She desired him, she found him physically attractive to a degree that still had the power to surprise her.attractive offer/proposition/package etcCosts and qualifications All-optical cabling is an attractive proposition.I am just sitting tight waiting for an attractive offer.If hiring costs can be reduced by machines working longer, it could become an even more attractive proposition.I can't feel that this music as presented here is an attractive proposition at full price.This was not an attractive proposition, but my idea of womanhood was hardly preferable.In theory, a star-driven period melodrama with top-notch production values should have been an attractive proposition for distributors.It is not an attractive proposition for independent power generation because it is difficult to finance.By the end of the Regency period the pub was becoming a far more attractive proposition for the government, too.