attorney general

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attorney generalatˌtorney ˈgeneral noun [countable] SCLthe lawyer with the highest rank in some countries or in the US government
Examples from the Corpus
attorney generalWe have an attorney general who was a leading opponent of gun control in the Senate.The Democratic attorney general of Tennessee told Shipley to do what he thought right, and Shipley had gotten his notes together.A deputy attorney general sat ready to protect the interests of the State of California.There were no arrests, but the attorney general is considering pressing charges against club operators.He was more interested in telling me about the tactics of the attorney general.
From King Business Dictionaryattorney generalatˌtorney ˈgeneral noun (plural attorneys general) [countable] LAW the chief lawyer in the legal system of the US and BritainThe state attorney general alleged that the company forced its dealers to agree to charge minimum prices for certain televisions.