Word family noun attention attendant attentivenessinattentiveness adjective attentiveinattentive verb attend adverb attentivelyinattentively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattentionat‧ten‧tion /əˈtenʃən/ ●●● S2 W1 noun 1 listen/look/think carefully [uncountable] when you carefully listen to, look at, or think about someone or something My attention wasn’t really on the game. She tried to pay attention to what he was saying. If you paid more attention in class, you might actually learn something! Scott sat down at his desk and turned his attention to the file he had in front of him. As a society we need to give more attention to the needs of older people. Now he’s gone, I can give you my undivided attention. This game is fun and is sure to keep the attention of any young student. They listened to the speech with close attention. Attention to detail is essential in this job. During the lecture Sarah’s attention began to wander.2 INTERESTinterest [plural, uncountable]ATTENTION the interest that people show in someone or something She was flattered by all the attention he was giving her.attract/receive/enjoy attention a player who quickly attracted the attention of several clubs The exhibition received little attention in the press.public/media/press attention Her case attracted a great deal of media attention.hold/keep somebody’s attention (=make someone stay interested and keep reading, listening, watching etc) The book holds the reader’s attention right to the very end. Rob loves being the centre of attention (=the person who everyone is interested in, listens to etc). She spent a lot of time trying to avoid the attentions (=romantic interest) of her boss. The man then turned his attentions to (=became romantically interested in) her sister.3 MAKE somebody NOTICEnotice a) attract/catch/get somebody’s attentionATTENTION to make someone notice you, especially because you want to speak to them or you need their help She waved to attract the attention of the waitress. b) get attentionATTENTION to make someone notice you and be interested in what you are doing Children often misbehave in order to get attention. c) draw/call attention to something (also focus attention on something)ATTENTION to make people notice and be concerned or think about something The purpose of the article was to draw attention to the problems faced by single parents. We wanted to focus public attention on this matter. He left quietly to avoid drawing attention to himself. d) divert/distract/draw attention from somethingATTENTION to make people stop being concerned about something such as a social problem All this talk of war is just an attempt to draw attention away from the serious economic problems that face our country. e) bring something to somebody’s attentionATTENTION to tell someone, especially someone in authority, about something such as a problem The matter was first brought to my attention earlier this year. f) come to somebody’s attentionFIND OUT if something such as a problem comes to the attention of someone in authority, they find out about it It came to my attention that Jenny was claiming overtime pay for hours she had not worked. g) escape your attention if something escaped your attention, you did not notice it This fact had not escaped the attention of the authorities.4 repair/cleaning [uncountable] something you do to repair or clean something The bike’s in fairly good condition, but the gears need a bit of attention.5 careCARE [uncountable]HELP things that you do to help or to take care of someone or something Pets need a lot of care and attention. Anyone who comes into contact with these chemicals should seek urgent medical attention. Your plants look like they could do with a bit of attention. 6 stand to/at attention7 attention!8 for the attention of somebodyCOLLOCATIONSverbspay attention to something/somebodyHe read the final page, paying particular attention to the last paragraph.turn your attention to something/somebodyShe quickly put away the shopping and then turned her attention to preparing dinner.give something/somebody your attention (=think about something or someone so that you can deal with a problem)She promised to give the matter her attention the next day.somebody’s attention wanders (=someone stops listening, watching etc carefully)During the service, her mind began to wander.adjectivessomebody’s full/complete/undivided attentionHe gave the task his undivided attention. THESAURUSpay attention to carefully listen to, look at, or think about something or someoneShe told the class to stop talking and pay attention.In any relationship, it helps to pay attention to each other’s needs.concentrate to think carefully about something that you are doing and not let other things disturb your thoughtsI tried to read a few pages, but I was too upset to concentrate.Children need their own quiet space where they can concentrate on their homework.keep your mind on something to continue to pay attention to something, especially when you are very excited or worried about something elseOn Friday, the day of the party, I had a dreadful time keeping my mind on my work.Good football players keep their minds on the game at all times.keep your eyes on something to keep watching something carefully, so that you do not make any mistakesThe first rule of driving is to keep your eyes on the road. Keep your eyes on the ball – now swing!be engrossed in something to be paying so much attention to a book, a conversation, some work etc, that you do not notice what is happening around youHelen was sitting up in bed, engrossed in a novel.He was so engrossed in what he was doing he didn’t even hear the doorbell absorbed in something to be giving all your attention to something, especially something you are reading, watching, or thinking aboutThe little boy sat at the edge of the pond, totally absorbed in watching the fish.He was a quiet man who often seemed to be absorbed in his own thoughts.Matilda was curled up in an armchair, absorbed in a book.give something/somebody your undivided attention to give all your attention to something or someone and not do anything else – used especially when this is something you want or need to doCome round when the kids are in bed so I can give you my undivided attention.Once I’ve finished my exams, I’ll be able to give my undivided attention to looking for a job.
Examples from the Corpus
attentionAttention to customers is increasingly important.Ron Deacon is adoptive father to five love bird chicks, who need constant care and attention.Pets need a lot of care and attention.Nobody was paying any attention to me up there.The project seeks to combine attention to economics and the human advantages of the redesigning of work.The rig change often deserves the greatest attention.The intense media attention surrounding the case, has made it very difficult for the family to cope.Snake bites require immediate medical attention.Grease the bike's chain and any other areas that need attention.He had wanted to be the center of attention, and he was.Scant public attention has greeted the arrival of the children.Your plant looks like it needs some attention.Jerry loves the attention he gets when he's performingWhen people do read longer works, they primarily favor high-drama novels that get a steel grip on their attention.attention ... wanderWickham had heard all this before and his attention wandered.The staff would provide him with toys to amuse himself with when his attention began to wander.During the sermon Sarah's attention wandered.But then, it seems, their attention wandered.When you are having a telephone conversation you are more likely to be distracted and let your attention wander.turned his attentions toIt certainly threw Quigley, because he turned his attentions to me.need ... attentionFar from being restful they are very demanding, needing almost constant attention.But none have needed this much attention, never leaving his side even at work, much to the delight of colleagues.Marines need special attention to water quality.She said she later felt badly about calling 911, because she did not believe the matter needed police attention.The Beaumaris and District Civic Trust has highlighted problems which it says need attention.She has an important test next year, and she needs to pay attention.Like all elderly ladies, however, she needs polite attention.Some of them needed urgent medical attention.medical attentionDefence lawyers claimed that several injured defendants had been denied medical attention and that many others had been tortured while in custody.This went on for 13 months until my parents realised that I needed medical attention.Despite her need of medical attention, the night was young and there was still time to celebrate.Doctors say she will need years of medical attention.He suffers from chronic back pain and clinical depression, conditions for which he is reportedly no received medical attention.We asked patients to return to the study clinic if they required medical attention between scheduled study visits.Astonishingly, only about 50 percent will actually seek medical attention.Authorities fear the girl will attempt to bear the child without medical attention.
attention!attention!a) used to ask people to listen to important information that is being announced, especially on a loudspeaker (=piece of equipment used to make sounds louder) Attention, please! Could passenger Marie Thomas please proceed to Gate 25 immediately. b) used when ordering a group of soldiers to stand up straight in neat lines attentionFrom King Business Dictionaryattentionat‧ten‧tion /əˈtenʃən/ noun for the attention of written abbreviation FAO written on the front or at the top of a letter when you want a particular person to read it or deal with itfor the attention of the managerOrigin attention (1300-1400) Latin attentio, from attendere; ATTEND