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ATMATM /ˌeɪ tiː ˈem/ noun [countable] BFB (automated teller machine) a machine outside a bank that you use to get money from your account SYN cashpoint
Examples from the Corpus
ATMSurcharges are deducted from your balance at the same time you withdraw cash from an ATM.The result: People now may pay twice for using an ATM once.An ATM line is not like a movie, fast-food or supermarket checkout line.John Q.. Public thinks the stock market is one great big ATM machine.Instant cash, the product which is disgorged from ATM machines, could only be born in a network.But the other bank may also charge the customer for using its ATM.Even though California banks are not rushing to announce new ATM fees, researcher Shields expects many will impose them.A brand-new ATM card from Chemical.
From King Business DictionaryLBED_02_aATMATM noun1[countable]BANKING automated teller machine or automatic teller machine; an electronic machine inside or outside a bank, which customers use, by means of a special card and a code number, to take out money and to get information about their accountsSYNcash dispenser, cash machine, cashpoint BrEObtaining cash by credit card incurs a commission whether it’s across the counter or at an ATM.2[uncountable]COMPUTINGTELECOMMUNICATIONS asynchronous transfer mode; a way of sending MULTIMEDIA information (=writing, sound, pictures, or film) very quickly over a computer network