From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishathleticath‧let‧ic /æθˈletɪk, əθ-/ ●●○ adjective 1 FIT/BE THE RIGHT SIZESTRONG PERSONphysically strong and good at sport a tall athletic man2 [only before noun] relating to athletics athletic ability
Examples from the Corpus
athleticHe can play any sport, he's naturally athletic.If you want me to play, I will, but I'm not very athletic.That was because he was athletic.She had always been defined by her athletic ability, and without it she was lost.He was clever, but disinclined to distinguish himself in study, athletic but lazy, honest but argumentative.Years of dictatorship also meant that officials in athletic circles had very little grasp on reality.It is a time of much excitement for the athletic department at Cal State Northridge.the athletic departmentThe scenario of a soldier showing supreme athletic prowess in the name of his country was how de Coubertin imagined the Games.He was a true champion, a man among men, known for his kindness as well as athletic prowess.her two athletic teenage daughters