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assizesas‧siz‧es /əˈsaɪzɪz/ noun [plural] SCL old use a meeting of a court in which a judge who travelled to different towns in Britain dealt with cases
Examples from the Corpus
assizesHe was remanded in custody until the February assizes.At Leeds assizes, the evidence of Mrs Dyson was conclusive.He campaigned tirelessly to win back the twice yearly courts or assizes, which Buckingham had lost to Aylesbury.A few weeks later he appeared at Chelmsford summer assizes, charged with causing an epidemic then raging in the town.Voice over An act of parliament was passed in 1747 which returned the summer assizes to Buckingham.But at the trial at the assizes a few months later, the name and address of the girl were both disclosed.At the assizes the evidence against him was overwhelming.Thornton was tried at the Warwick assizes on 8 August 1817.