Word family noun assistance assistant verb assist
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassistanceas‧sist‧ance /əˈsɪstəns/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun [uncountable] HELPhelp or support We offer financial assistance to students. Can I be of any assistance (=can I help you)?with the assistance of somebody/something We’ve rebuilt the theatre with the assistance of the National Lottery.COLLOCATIONSverbsneed assistancePhone this number if you need any assistance.get/receive assistanceShe got no assistance from her assistanceIf side-effects are severe, seek medical assistance.give (somebody) assistanceOur staff can give assistance with any problems that may arise.offer assistanceI would be grateful for any assistance you can offer.provide assistanceThere is no doubt that the US will provide assistance.pledge/promise assistanceA group of donors led by the World Bank promised assistance to the value of US$508,000,000.ask for/request assistancePolice are at the scene and have requested assistance.adjectivesfinancial assistanceThe company may also provide financial assistance.economic assistancehumanitarian aid and other forms of economic assistancetechnical assistanceMost of our time is spent providing technical assistance to assistanceIt was difficult to get good legal assistance.military assistanceBeijing renewed its military assistance to North Korea.phrasesbe of assistance (=help)‘How can I be of assistance to you?’ she asked.come to somebody’s assistance (=help someone)One of her fellow passengers came to her assistance.turn to somebody for assistance (=ask them to help)The elderly sometimes have no one to turn to for assistance.
Examples from the Corpus
assistanceIt would be tragic if World Bank assistance is used to pursue the ineffective treatment regimen.Children and overseas students should be able to learn new words without constant assistance or confinement to a restricted vocabulary.But the policy emphasis was always on job creation stimulated by economic development rather than on direct assistance to the assistance for studentsOur tour guides will be pleased to be of assistance if you have any problems.The federal agency provides assistance to families whose homes were destroyed by flooding.This generally proves useful when they interpret and offer technical assistance to officials approving the budget.The company has a toll-free number that offers technical assistance to anyone who needs it.The assistance is in addition to the $ 22 million the president authorized March 4.Patients can usually walk without assistance within a week of the operation.with the assistance of somebody/somethingMore and more research on and off the college campus is being done with the assistance of computer equipment.These provide a basis for further instruction, either with the assistance of the teacher, or for individual work.Workers' organisations were then created and expanded, with the assistance of patronage, but in order to defend workers' interests.The President exercises the functions of government with the assistance of a Cabinet headed by a Prime Minister.They run their own lives with the assistance of a support worker.The nationally-developed unit has been produced with the assistance of the Institute of Quality Assurance.I remember writing most of them with the assistance of liberal quantities of dope.Charleston systematically and meticulously set to with the assistance of one man, Mike Cloxam.