Word family noun assistance assistant verb assist
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassistas‧sist1 /əˈsɪst/ ●●○ W3 AWL verb formal 1 [intransitive, transitive]HELP to help someone to do somethingassist (somebody) with/in something You will be employed to assist in the development of new equipment.assist somebody to do something We want to assist people to stay in their own homes.see thesaurus at help2 [transitive]HELP to make it easier for someone to do something They had no maps to assist them.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say help rather than assist:We’ll help in any way we can.They have special software to help them process invoices.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
assistThey have developed a computerized system that will greatly assist all library users.The guide is written to assist consumers in choosing the best insurance plan.Charsky, rising, reached down a - hand to assist her in mounting the stage.The second is to develop the promotional materials which can assist in conveying the main, general arguments for teaching history.Some funeral directors will assist in do-it-yourself funerals by supplying a simple coffin and dealing with the documentation. 4.We also anticipate, together with your lawyers, assisting in the interpretation of any warranty and indemnity requirements included in a contract.In this position, you will assist in training new employees.A consultant has been brought in to assist management in restructuring the company.The Nevill Trust still functions to assist scholars and apprentices financially.Neither time nor space assist the head in reaching colleagues easily or regularly.Citizens have a duty to assist the police.Their regular work on this day is handled by the novices who are assigned to assist them during the week.Some of the guests assisted with the preparation of the food.Can you do the job alone, or do you want someone to assist you?
assistassist2 noun [countable] an action that helps another player on your sports team to make a point
Examples from the Corpus
assistI want to be able to score goals and assists, but not just play one way.But his 16 points and eight assists were important to the Suns at least making it doubtful for a while.Clyde Drexler had 28 points, eight rebounds and eight assists while Hakeem Olajuwon had 26 points and 16 rebounds.The good news is, he led the Heat in assists.McGrady had 14 points and Armstrong had nine assists in the first two quarters.Sunday, he scored 29 points and handed out nine assists in a 103-89 win over Boston College.He made a 3-point shot and had two assists.
Origin assist1 (1400-1500) French assister to be present, help, from Latin assistere, from ad- to + sistere to cause to stand