Word family noun assembly assemblage verb assemble
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assemblyas‧sem‧bly /əˈsembli/ ●○○ AWL noun (plural assemblies) 1 [countable]PGP a group of people who are elected to make decisions or laws for a particular country, area, or organization the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland the speaker of the California state assembly2 [countable, uncountable]GROUP OF PEOPLE the meeting together of a group of people for a particular purposeassembly of an assembly of reporters Police have imposed conditions on public assemblies. Restrictions on freedom of assembly have gradually been relaxed. an assembly point (=a place where people go in a particular situation)3 [countable, uncountable]SES a regular meeting of all the teachers and students of a school4 [uncountable]MAKE the process of putting the parts of something together instructions for assembly
Examples from the Corpus
assemblyThe first assembly flight for the station had been scheduled for November.Kathy was there, and Tony Carbo, and a happy-looking assembly of dignitaries in pin-stripes and starched blue shirts.The original intention was to hive off assembly operations to sub-contractors.This provided for the election by all landowners over the age of twenty-five of representatives to local and provincial assemblies.For instance, I've heard of representative assemblies of large co-operatives choosing their own director.Jeffries is running for state Assembly in the 22nd District.There were often small variations in the assembly and fabrication of otherwise similar pieces.Some toy stores help with assembly.assembly pointAll 50 assembly points were reportedly experiencing acute food shortages.But most of the 49 designated assembly points exist only on maps.Workers rushed to their designated assembly points.Paths were worn between one friendly community and another, between markets and recognized assembly points.Timings are arranged to allow most people to reach the assembly point from home that day by car or public transport.They were straightened, then cut to length on a saw, drilled, and placed adjacent to their assembly points.
From King Business Dictionaryassemblyas‧sem‧bly /əˈsembli/ noun (plural assemblies)1[uncountable]MANUFACTURING the process of putting the parts of products togetherRoutine assembly of colour televisions eventually shifted to Taiwan.a car assembly plant2[countable]LAW a group of people who are elected to make laws or decisions for a particular country or areaplans for a regional assembly in the North-East