Word family noun assembly assemblage verb assemble
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_010_fassembleas‧sem‧ble /əˈsembəl/ ●○○ AWL verb 1 [intransitive, transitive] if you assemble a large number of people or things, or if they assemble, they are gathered together in one place, often for a particular purpose A large crowd had assembled outside the American embassy. He looked around at the assembled company (=all the people who had come there). She had assembled a collection of her favourite songs.see thesaurus at collect, meet2 [transitive]MAKE to put all the parts of something together The aircraft will continue to be assembled in France.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
assembleOn Friday morning, November 20, the team assembled.I looked down onto the square, where a large crowd had assembled.Ohio State's basketball team was considered one of the best ever assembled.Our kits are very easy to assemble.We will let you have the report as soon as we have assembled all the data.A few children were assembling all the props on a table over by the far wall.The apprentices worked in the shed where the new locomotives were assembled and the old ones repaired.Protesters started to assemble around 7 a.m.The men assembled for one last effort.He tried the speech out on an assembled group of civil servants and lawyers.Prisoners must assemble in the courtyard every morning for exercise.Foreign diplomats and their wives had assembled in the Great Hall to meet the President.When all the evidence is assembled, it will be clear that Michael is innocent.A large crowd had assembled opposite the American embassy.A group of angry parents had assembled outside the head teacher's office.It was easy to assemble the bookcase myself.The four inside stays are now being assembled, two are complete and the other two are well advanced.Now that he was able to, he assembled what had happened and laid the facts before himself.At times, you can leisurely assemble your document, writing and rewriting it one day and showing it the next.It's one of those beds that you have to assemble yourself.assembled companyHe gazed at the assembled company.I don't care to play out my silly games before the assembled company.Mrs Mainwaring was supposed to make an appearance, which sent a chill throughout the assembled company.When she was politely asked about her father's health her reply startled the assembled company.He glanced at the assembled company as though surprised to see so many people.Neither said a word to the assembled company, but at the door Eugénie turned and gave them her famous curtsy.Here some of the assembled company sat watching the sun set in rosy Technicolor behind a jagged peak.The assembled company was let loose on Edinburgh for the last time.
From King Business Dictionaryassembleas‧sem‧ble /əˈsembəl/ verb1[transitive]MANUFACTURING to make a product by putting parts togetherThe factory will assemble GM pickup trucks for sale in the Chinese market.2[transitive]FINANCE if a financial institution assembles a loan, it finds lenders who are willing to make part of the loanIt is attempting to assemble $1 billion of credit.3[intransitive] if an organization assembles, it meets officiallyThe 12,000-member International Bar Association will assemble in New York City, Sept 1923.→ See Verb tableOrigin assemble (1200-1300) Old French assembler, from Vulgar Latin assimulare, from Latin ad- to + simul together