From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishasidea‧side1 /əˈsaɪd/ ●●○ S3 W3 adverb 1 kept to be used later I’ve been setting aside a few pounds each week. One of the rooms was set aside for a yoga class. Try to set aside a few hours a week for exercise. Could you put this cake aside for me?2 moved to one side or away from you He pushed his half-eaten salad aside and left. He stepped aside to let Katherine go in first. Mark drew me aside and explained the problem. She swept her thick hair aside.3 left to be considered or dealt with later, or not considered and dealt with at all He brushed aside criticisms of his performance. Leaving aside the heat, we really enjoyed our holiday. You must put aside your pride and call her.4 EXCEPT[only after noun] used to show that something you have just said is not as important as what you are going to say next These problems aside, we think the plan should go ahead.5 aside from somebody/something
Examples from the Corpus
asideRemove eggplant with slotted utensil and set aside.We stepped aside but it stopped, and Ricardo Ruiz leaned across the front seat.They provide a basis for evaluating shorter-term budgets and prevent long-term aims from being forced aside by short-term operational needs.That aside, don't go thinking we've made things to easy for you.Kate Miskin pushed open the first door on the left and stood aside for Dalgliesh and Massingham to enter.Tie securely if desired and set aside in a roasting pan on a rack.Labels aside, some have been remarkably successful.Sound problems aside, some of the acts stood out as winners.However, leaving aside the intolerable heat, there was no doubt that New York was a really amazing place.put ... asideShe hunted herself, putting aside all those pictures in which she appeared - not as child but as a grown woman.When dusk had come, Wade put his shovel aside and moved down the slope to the dock.Saw me, began to put the book aside and stand up. 1 went to him and kept him from rising.She put the thought aside, ashamed of her disloyalty.After 40 days she is encouraged to put aside her black clothes, but she received positive family support.Customarily we randomly select 20 to 30 percent of the historical data and put it aside prior to constructing the training set.Arizona Republicans put aside their political differences and intraparty squabbling Saturday to nominate delegates to their upcoming national convention.Dimity's knitting had been hastily put aside when she answered the door, and decorated a low table near the fire.drew ... asideWhen he drew he put aside all other considerations and reached for the truth.The father drew me aside and we exchanged names, Nicholas and Gonzalo.The gate handle clicked sharply and she drew aside the lace curtain.In addition to addressing the crowds as he journeyed through Galilee and around Jerusalem, he drew aside to be with his closest associates.put asideThe idea of the honor guard was quietly put aside.She hunted herself, putting aside all those pictures in which she appeared - not as child but as a grown woman.Wives are easily put aside, and the royal princess already looks upon me as a friend.Certainly, one ought to put aside for retirement more than Social Security.I found myself mentally putting aside half the afternoon for the task as I struggled over the incomprehensible jargon in my handbook.I should put aside the harsh words that had been said, I should try to make the best of everything.Time to put aside the hopelessly scarred and old, to allow something new to be born...Dimity's knitting had been hastily put aside when she answered the door, and decorated a low table near the fire.
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asideaside2 noun [countable] 1 APTwords spoken by an actor to the people watching a play, that the other characters in the play do not hear2 SAY/STATEa remark made in a low voice that you only intend particular people to hearsee thesaurus at comment3 SAY/STATEa remark or story that is not part of the main subject of a speech I should add, as an aside, that the younger the child, the faster they learn.
Examples from the Corpus
asideHe noted as an aside that Mrs. Singer was also a member.As an aside, if the bad-tasting red disks are strongly reinforced, avoiding pain can become more important than seeking pleasure.Both stories are marvelously told with learned asides that Otto is so good at.They have the character of asides.What were usually asides, about life, religion, art, politics, had come to dominate the story.