From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishartisanar‧ti‧san1 /ˌɑːtɪˈzæn $ ˈɑːrtɪzən/ noun [countable] WORKERsomeone who does skilled work, making things with their hands SYN craftsman
Examples from the Corpus
artisanThe King's religious policies, strictly applied by Archbishop Laud, gave offence to the Puritan merchants and artisans.Henry and George Cox, two black artisans and Union leaders, were taken from jail and never seen again.It is no use trying to give technical teaching to our artisans without elementary education ...Francis Place described a similar situation among London's artisans.But employment in the building trade is notoriously irregular, and such artisans alternate self-employment with wage-paid work on the building sites.But to do that is to miss the details that artisans and workers spent so much time to uncover.In fact, the textile industry more than any other made possible relatively large-scale production in a still traditional artisan world.
artisanartisan2, artisanal /ɑːˈtɪsənəl $ ɑːr-/ adjective artisan bread/cheese/cider etcOrigin artisan (1500-1600) French Old Italian artigiano, from arte art