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arsenalar‧se‧nal /ˈɑːsənəl $ ˈɑːr-/ noun [countable] 1 WEAPONa large group of weapons that someone has Britain’s nuclear arsenalarsenal of an arsenal of guns2 PMWWEAPONa building where weapons are stored3 the equipment, methods etc that someone can use to help them achieve something a software package that’s now part of our arsenalarsenal of He has a whole arsenal of cameras.
Examples from the Corpus
arsenalHe can then arm an arsenal of microorganisms with an inherited lust for a variety of dioxin compounds.Police have discovered an arsenal of guns and ammunition in a London house.Coetzee took possession of a considerable arsenal at Vlakplaas.I say nuclear catastrophe partly because any exchange of nuclear arsenals will bear no resemblance to anything that could be called war.The nuclear arsenals of the superpowers had in-creased.Instead, the arsenal ship would have relied on other warships to defend it against missile attacks.In the meantime, the authorities had added light anti-tank weapons and recoilless rifles to the arsenal of the metropolitan police force.Under the arsenal ship program, however, weapons makers and shipbuilders were working together.Their arsenal includes both SAM 7 missiles and anti-tank weapons.The only real weapons in your arsenal in this town are talent and a heckuva lot of money.arsenal ofNATO forces possess an arsenal of 700 surface-to-air missiles.
ArsenalArsenal a very successful English football team from North London. They play at the Emirates stadium in Ashburton Grove, Islington. They have won the League Championship many times and have ‘done the Double’ (=won the League Championship and the FA Cup in the same year) three times, in 1971,1998, and 2002. In 1994 they won the Cup Winners’ Cup.Origin arsenal (1500-1600) Italian arsenale, from Arabic dar sina'ah house where things are made