From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharrivear‧rive /əˈraɪv/ ●●● S2 W1 verb [intransitive] 1 GET SOMEWHEREARRIVEget somewhere to get to the place you are going to Give me a call to let me know you’ve arrived safely.arrive in/at What time does the plane arrive in New York?arrive late/early He arrived late as usual. By the time the police arrived on the scene, the burglars had fled.2 BE DELIVEREDTAKE/BRINGbe delivered if something arrives, it is brought or delivered to you SYN come The card arrived on my birthday.3 EVENTHAPPENhappen if an event or particular period of time arrives, it happens SYN come When her wedding day arrived, she was really nervous.4 something NEWSTART TO HAPPEN, EXIST ETCsomething new if a new idea, method, product etc arrives, it begins to exist or starts being used Since computers arrived, my job has become much easier.5 BIRTHBABY/HAVE A BABYbe born to be born Sharon’s baby arrived just after midnight. 6 arrive at a decision/solution/compromise etc7 somebody has arrivedGRAMMAR: ComparisonarriveYou arrive in a city or country: We arrived in London at 2 a.m. You arrive at a place such as a house, hotel, or airport: They arrived at the airport at 10.30.You arrive home: He arrived home at midnight.You arrive here/there/back: Call me when you arrive there. Don’t say: arrive to a place | arrive to home | arrive to here/there getYou get to a city, country, or other place: We got to London at 2 a.m. We got to the airport at 10.30.You get home: He got home at midnight.You get here/there/back: Call me when you get there.reachYou reach a city, country, or other place: The climbers reached the summit of the mountain. You reach home or reach here/there: You should reach there around 9.45 a.m. Don’t say: reach to a place | reach to home/here/there COLLOCATIONSadverbsarrive homeJo should arrive home any minute now.arrive early/lateI don’t think we should arrive early.arrive on timeHe never arrives on time for meetings.arrive safelyShe phoned to say she had arrived safely.arrive shortly/soonMy parents are due to arrive shortly.arrive unannounced (=without anyone expecting or knowing you were coming)He arrived unannounced yesterday and stayed the night.phrasesarrive safe and sound (=safely)It was a great relief when he arrived back safe and sound.arrive on the scene (=at the place where something has just happened)Two more police cars arrived on the scene. THESAURUSarrive to get to the place you are going toI arrived at the party at around 7 o’clock.They were due to arrive home from Spain yesterday.get to arrive somewhere. Get is much more common in everyday English than arriveWhat time do you usually get to work?I’ll call you when I get home.reach to arrive somewhere, especially after a long journeyWhen we finally reached the port, we were all very tired. come if someone comes, they arrive at the place where you areShe came home yesterday.What time did the plumber say he’d come?turn up (also show up) informal to arrive somewhere, especially when someone is waiting for youI’d arranged to meet Tom, but he never turned up.roll in informal to arrive somewhere later than you should and not seem worried about itRebecca usually rolls in around noon.get in to arrive somewhere – used especially about people arriving home, or a plane, train etc arriving at an airport, station etcI usually get in at around 6 o’clock.What time did your plane get in?come in if a plane, train, or ship comes in, it arrives in the place where you areWe liked to watch the cruise ships come if a plane or the passengers on it land, they arrive on the groundWe finally landed at 2 a.m.They watched the planes taking off and landing. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
arriveDid my package arrive?Toy sales have doubled since computer games arrived.What time do you think we'll arrive?What time does his flight arrive?Why were the campsites so thoroughly cleaned up before authorities arrived?The baby arrived at five minutes past midnight.Supply ships have started arriving at ports along the East coast.Artists who have arrived at that position are expected to sit still and hold court.We arrived at the palace, went in, and got to the dressing-room.It was already dark by the time they arrived at their hotel.There are no incentive payments offered to staff who arrive at work by kayak.When the day of the wedding arrived, everything was ready.When Uncle Guy arrived from Dublin he brought them an enormous box of chocolates.When I first arrived here none of the other students would talk to me.Our flight arrived in Osaka two hours ahead of schedule.A chocolate treat arrived in the mail, just in time for the post-holiday body fat meltdown.The British Prime Minister arrived in Tokyo today.We are all glad that she has arrived safely and has all her faculties!Grimma and Dorcas, almost the last to arrive, sidled their way into the crowd.The packages arrived the day before Christmas.The train isn't due to arrive until 4.30.Has your sister's baby arrived yet?arrive late/earlyHarriet walks with Knightley, and Frank arrives late, after Jane has taken herself home in agitation.Grandcourt arrives late, and watches Gwendolen walk up to receive an award for shooting, the center of all eyes.About my tendency to repeat things ... kids arriving late in class and how they affected it.From there a delayed flight took us on to Punta Arenas where we arrived late in the evening.To force them to arrive early is beyond comprehension.In her second semester she arrived late one day for her World Civilization class.If you arrive late, raise merry hell, and insult the stage crew you will certainly be remembered.She then continued to Cheyenne, arriving late Wednesday night.
Origin arrive (1100-1200) Old French ariver, from Vulgar Latin arripare to come to shore, from Latin ad- to + ripa shore