From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharrivalar‧riv‧al /əˈraɪvəl/ ●●● W3 noun 1 [countable, uncountable]ARRIVE when someone or something arrives somewhere OPP departure Only the timely arrival of the police prevented the situation from becoming worse. Traffic problems account for one third of late arrivals.arrival at/in Shortly after our arrival in London, Lisa was attacked.on arrival A deposit is payable on arrival (=when you arrive).2 the arrival of something3 [countable]NEW someone who has just arrived in a place New arrivals were greeted with suspicion. Late arrivals will not be admitted to the theatre.4 arrivals5 new arrival
Examples from the Corpus
arrivalThe first dropout occurred within a month after arrival.Porter spoke to reporters shortly after his arrival.From his arrival, Greenhill caused dissension at Smith Barney.Sara went about her business, more troubled than ever about Jenny's imminent arrival.Congratulations on your new arrival!She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.On arrival in Addis Ababa please report to the Ministry of Education.The bustle of passport control and customs clearance over, father and daughter emerged into the pristine arrivals lounge.TV crews from around the world filmed President Mandela's arrival at the airport.On Reeve's arrival he did take charge.Joe's sudden arrival spoiled all our plans.The show begins with the arrival of the Europeans in the New World.The arrival of the census form routinely sparks a bad-tempered debate about intrusiveness and unreasonable authority.The arrival of Flight 227 was delayed by two hours.Let me know the date and time of your arrival.on arrivalWyler was rushed to the hospital, but was dead on arrival.