From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharrestar‧rest1 /əˈrest/ ●●● S3 W2 verb [transitive] 1 arrest.jpg CATCHif the police arrest someone, the person is taken to a police station because the police think they have done something illegal He was arrested and charged with murder.arrest somebody for something Her father was arrested for fraud. I got arrested for careless driving.arrest somebody in connection with something Five youths were arrested in connection with the attack.arrest somebody on charges/suspicion of (doing) something He was arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs.see thesaurus at catch2 formalSTOP something THAT IS HAPPENING to stop something happening or to make it happen more slowly The drug is used to arrest the spread of the disease.3 literaryINTERESTED if something arrests you or arrests your attention, you notice it because it is interesting or unusual The mountains are the most arresting feature of the glen.GRAMMAR: ComparisonarrestThe police arrest someone: The police arrested a man as he fled the scene.The police arrest someone for a crime: He was arrested for robbery.The police arrest someone for doing something: They arrested him for possessing an illegal weapon.catchThe police catch someone: The police believe they have caught the killer.You catch someone doing something: I caught him stealing money from my purse. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
arrestPolice arrested 26 demonstrators.On June 3 between six and eight members of left-wing parties were reported to have been arrested.Reportedly, two Houston police officers arrested a black woman for being drunk and disorderly.The suspects were arrested after questioning Thursday morning, the chief said, but have been released pending court appearances.At least 15 people were arrested as clashes developed in the Ravenscliffe and Holme Wood areas.Wallace was arrested for assault.Dwayne has been arrested for drunk driving again.However, student demonstrations erupted at Bangkok's Ramkhamhaeng University on Feb. 25, and 15 people were arrested for illegal assembly.A woman had been arrested for soliciting.Smoking at an early age is thought to arrest growth in children.Nine men were arrested in drug raids Saturday.Accountant Freeman testified that Simpson has signed 19 contracts since he was arrested on double homicide charges.Powerful drugs are used to arrest the spread of the disease.He had been arrested trying to steal lead from the roof of a church.arrest somebody in connection with somethingBokin was arrested Friday in connection with that case.Elmer Lee Nance, a 63-year-old drifter, was arrested last fall in connection with the murder.It took the police just weeks to arrest five men in connection with the shootings.
arrestarrest2 ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] CATCHwhen the police take someone away and guard them because they may have done something illegal The police made several arrests. A man is under arrest (=the police are guarding him) following the suspicious death of his somebody under arrest (=arrest someone) He sued the police for wrongful arrest (=when someone who is not guilty is arrested). house arrest, → cardiac arrest at cardiac
Examples from the Corpus
arrestIn 1993 Operation Gangbusters led to 43 arrests.Police have issued an arrest warrant for Mr de Michelis's former secretary, Barbara Ceolin.Mr Emery reopened his store one day after his arrest, and said he will sell marijuana seeds by mail order.The police later claimed that he had resisted arrest.Toplis was eventually cornered by police, I believe in Cumberland, and the murderer was shot dead whilst resisting arrest.Suppose it offers a large reward for some one's arrest.Police made several arrests over the weekend in connection with last year's courthouse bombing.Bonnie Hanssen has been in seclusion since the arrest of her husband.Kramer's confession led to the arrests of six others.Guzman, twenty-five, was placed under arrest at his parents' home Friday.Last year, arrests jumped to 51,000.wrongful arrestPending a successful appeal, Downing could claim for wrongful arrest and 27 years unlawful detention.The city is facing many claims for wrongful arrest, totalling millions of dollars.Was recently awarded £30,000 damages against Thames Valley Police for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.The rest included allegations of wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and loss of property.
Origin arrest1 (1300-1400) Old French arester to rest, arrest, from Vulgar Latin arrestare, from Latin ad- to + restare to remain, rest