Word family noun arrangement arranger adjective arranged verb arrange
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arrangementar‧range‧ment /əˈreɪndʒmənt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 plan [countable usually plural]ARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETC plans and preparations that you must make so that something can happen Have you made all your travel arrangements?arrangement for I’ve agreed to help with arrangements for the party. The family made arrangements for his body to be flown back.2 agreement [countable, uncountable]AGREE something that has been organized or agreed on SYN agreementarrangement between An arrangement between the two couples ensured there was always someone to look after the children.arrangement with The school has an arrangement with local arrangement to do something Maxine cancelled our arrangement to meet.come to an/some arrangement (with somebody) (=make an agreement that is acceptable to everyone) It would usually cost $500, but I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement. Pets are permitted at the resort by prior arrangement.3 way something is organized [countable usually plural] the way in which something is organized The airport is currently reviewing its security arrangements. domestic arrangements4 position [countable, uncountable]ARRANGE A GROUP OF THINGS OR PEOPLE a group of things that are put in a particular position, or the process of doing thisarrangement of the traditional arrangement of desks in rows a beautiful flower arrangement5 music [countable]APM a piece of music that has been written or changed for a particular instrument a piano arrangement of an old folk songCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake arrangementsYou are advised to make travel arrangements well in advance.discuss the arrangementsWe need to discuss the wedding arrangements.finalize the arrangementsI’m meeting him tomorrow to finalize the arrangements.upset the arrangements (=cause problems which spoil the arrangements)I don’t want to upset your arrangements.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + arrangementalternative arrangementsIf the flight is cancelled you’ll have to make alternative arrangements.special arrangements (=particular preparations other than those usually made)Please inform us if any guests have disabilities or need any special arrangements. security arrangementsHe was in charge of security arrangements for the president’s arrangementsAs treasurer, you’re responsible for all the financial arrangementsI’ll make my own travel arrangements British EnglishWe don’t have any holiday arrangements yet.seating/sleeping arrangements (=plans for where people will sit/sleep)What are the seating arrangements for dinner?
Examples from the Corpus
arrangementThe clinics provide an opportunity for cooperative arrangements between health departments and academic centers.Within the deceptively small establishment are numerous and unique fresh flower arrangements, from small desktop bouquets to massive special occasion arrangements.A small flower arrangement on the kitchen table can brighten up the room.Somehow she managed to get across that she would be in Exeter tomorrow morning as soon as she could make arrangements.When both of us were back the new arrangements would come into full working.seating arrangementsSecurity arrangements for the opening of mail etc have to be made watertight.A number depend upon special arrangements with one or more local schools, in either the state or the independent sector.Things took their course and all the arrangements for the wedding were made.Our chef was never happy until the arrangement of vegetables on each plate was just right.This procedure will be reviewed and evaluated and may be amended when the arrangements for future sessions are established.Was it the pattern of politics or the future of Britain's trading arrangements which he wished primarily to influence?arrangement forI've agreed to help with arrangements for our 10-year high school prior arrangementDuly divorced, they now meet again by prior arrangement in the lobby of a hotel near their former home.Evening meals are by prior arrangement only, and generally Marypen likes to cook for her guests three times a week.A four-course dinner is available, by prior arrangement.Light snacks or full catering by prior arrangement for party bookings.Full restaurant service available from Easter to end of October - or by prior arrangement.House rules: Limited smoking; pets permitted by prior arrangement and $ 10 charge.Vegetarian meals are provided by prior arrangement.Back stage tours by prior arrangementsApart from the basic security arrangements that we're probably all familiar with by now, he offered some interesting information.It also argued for collective security arrangements as a means of building confidence and security in the region.She caused upset by demanding that her own bodyguards handle security arrangements during the ceremony, a request that was flatly refused.But the prison says it's satisfied with its security arrangements.It can not be excluded from regional security arrangements if stability is to be achieved in oil flows from Gulf oil producers.Related issues include the security arrangements necessary to prevent future hostilities between the two countries.A radio link kept them in touch with the police emergency centre and the Superintendent in charge of the security arrangements.