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arpeggioar‧peg‧gi‧o /ɑːˈpedʒiəʊ $ ɑːrˈpedʒioʊ/ noun (plural arpeggios) [countable] APMthe notes of a musical chord played separately but quickly one after the other
Examples from the Corpus
arpeggioBy means of added rhythmic patterns in chords and arpeggios it can fill out the music to enhance the singing of a congregation.Example 2 shows how the appropriate arpeggio can be found.Throughout, there are no awkward melodic leaps; everything proceeds smoothly, by arpeggio or by step.Obviously, without the interruption and relief of the contrasting arpeggio, the accompaniment could never have kept its mordant vitality fresh.In arpeggios divided between the hands the same rule holds good.Essentially it's a series of arpeggios phrased in two groups of three and one group of two eighth-notes per bar.Passages based on chords or arpeggios are equally effective on the harp.Finally, the third rhythm forms a contrastingly smooth arpeggio which sweeps upwards in pairs of quavers.
Origin arpeggio (1700-1800) Italian arpeggiare to play on the harp, from arpa harp