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areaar‧e‧a /ˈeəriə $ ˈeriə/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun [countable] 1 AREAa particular part of a country, town etc Only cheeses made in this area may be labelled ‘Roquefort’. Crime rates are much higher in urban areas.area of Many areas of Africa have suffered severe drought this year.2 AREAa part of a house, office, garden etc that is used for a particular purpose a no-smoking area Their apartment has a large kitchen area. Come through into the dining area. the reception area of the hotel a storage area on the ground floor3 AREA OF KNOWLEDGE, DUTIES, STUDY ETCa particular subject, range of activities, or group of related subjects The course covers three main subject areas. This study has clearly identified a major problem area for the National Health Service. We’re funding research into new areas such as law enforcement technology.area of reforms in the key areas of health and education4 SIZEthe amount of space that a flat surface or shape coversarea of an area of 2,000 square miles a formula to calculate the area of a circlesee thesaurus at size grey area at grey1(7)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a particular part of a country, town etcADJECTIVES/NOUN + areaa rural area (=in the countryside)Schools in rural areas are often very urban area (=in a town or city)90% of the English population live in urban areas.a remote/isolated area (=a long way from towns and cities)a remote area of northeast Afghanistanthe local areaHe quickly made friends in the local area.the surrounding area (=the area around a place)The tourist office will have a map of the surrounding area.outlying areas (=far from the centre of a town, village etc)The programme also includes plans to reforest outlying areas of the city.a wooded areaThe plane crashed into trees in a heavily wooded area.a mountainous areathe mountainous areas of the Massif Centrala coastal areaThe bird is found mainly in coastal areas.a desert areaThe hot, dry wind blows in from the desert areas of North Africa. a residential area (=a part of a town where people live)They had a large house in a pleasant residential industrial areaPeople living in industrial areas are exposed to these types of chemicals.a built-up area (=with a lot of buildings close together)New development will not be allowed outside the existing built-up area.a deprived area (=where many poor people live)He grew up in one of the toughest and most deprived areas of inner-city area (=the central part of a city, where many poor people live)When will something be done to improve our inner-city areas?a middle-class/working-class etc area (=where a particular class of people live)She was born in a working-class area of London.a metropolitan area (=a very large city)major metropolitan areas such as Delhi, Bombay, and Calcuttaa conservation area (=for preserving nature or old buildings)a new scheme to create a nature conservation areaa geographical area (=one that is shown on a map)The survey took place in three geographical areas.verbsmove into/out of an areaShe had just moved into the area and knew very few people.Many young people are moving out of rural areas.keep/stay away from an areaThe police ordered people to stay away from the spread out over a wide areaThe town is spread out over a wide scattered over a wide areaParts of the plane were scattered over a wide area. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a part of a house, office, garden etc that is used for a particular purposeADJECTIVES/NOUN + areathe kitchen/dining/bedroom/bathroom areaThe kitchen area is rather small.the living area (=the main room in a house, where people relax)The main living area was on the second floor.a reception area (=a desk where visitors arriving in a hotel or large organization go first)Visitors should please report to the reception area.a storage area (=a place for keeping things that are not being used)There’s a temporary storage area where you can put those boxes. a picnic area (=an area outdoors where you can eat a meal)We pulled off the highway into a picnic area for lunch.a play area (=a place for children to play)There’s a nice play area for the kiddies.a no-smoking/non-smoking areaThe airport terminal is a no-smoking area.a smoking areaEmployers do not have to provide smoking areas. THESAURUSarea a part of a town or country, or of the worldThey live in a very wealthy area.coastal areasregion a large area of a country or the worldthe northwest region of Russiadesert regionszone an area that is different from other areas around it in some waya war zonea no-parking zoneWe crossed two different time zones (=areas where there is a particular time compared to the rest of the world.) district one of the areas a city or town is officially divided into, or an area of a city where a particular group live or an activity happensthe Chelsea district of Manhattan | the business/financial/theatre etc districtthe financial district of Londonneighbourhood British English, neighborhood American English /ˈneɪbəhʊd $ -ər-/ an area of a town where people livea friendly neighbourhoodThere are lots of trees in our neighborhood.suburb an area outside the centre of a city, where people livea suburb of Bostonquarter an area of a town or city where people of a particular nationality livethe French quarter of New Orleans slum an area of a city that is in very bad condition, where many poor people liveHe grew up in the slums of East London.ghetto an area of a city where poor people of a particular race or class livea black baby born in the ghetto
Examples from the Corpus
areaThe concession covers an area in the department of Cesar with 100 million tons of proven reserves.The boat's sail had an area of more than 50 square yards.Most of the actual work of book provision is operated on an area basis - in common with other functions of the library service.Hannah grew up in a beautiful area of Ireland.The family lives in Roxbury, a working-class area of Boston.There were over 2 inches of rain in coastal areas.There were several damp areas on the living room ceiling.They fund research in areas like information technology.Their apartment has a large kitchen area.There is a shortage of water in many areas of the world.It may be difficult to move areas since many local authorities and some housing associations operate strict residence restrictions.The cost of electricity has risen in our area.Raul grew up in a poor area of Buenos Aires.The larger size of authorities has produced complaints about remoteness from rural areas.The boat has a sleeping area at one end.After an hour's work, I had only cleaned a small area of the carpet.There's a smoking area behind the building.a no-smoking areaThe rate at which an ice cube melts depends on its surface area.Calculate the area of the walls and ceiling before you buy the paint.The President has won new support because of his reforms in the areas of health and education.Nordstrom does research in the area of heart disease.They notify schools and day care centers when a moderate-risk offender moves into the area.Police think the crime was committed by someone from outside the area.The property encompassed about eighty thousand acres, seven times the area of Manhattan Island.Only cheeses made in this area may be labeled "Roquefort."Maricopa County started growing faster than any urban area except San Antonio.area ofUse this formula to calculate the area of a circle.They have made some improvements in the area of human areaPolice reported they had seized appliances, clothing, video and audio tapes from 30 warehouses and storage areas.The answer can also be obtained by access to the index without recourse to the data storage area.Manure seepage from storage areas is polluting waterways and evaporating ammonia is contributing to acid rain.New storage areas have been created by raising the Planning floor to mezzanine level.The home record storage area holds the address of the first synonym.Those specialists were left functionally aligned, and remained in the remote storage area.Books and posters, shirts and sweatshirts and pounds of petrified wood spilled from the storage areas.key areasThese are key areas for attention which are highlighted in the project management literature.The major industrial developments were heavily concentrated in a few key areas of the Empire.Another is a proposal to raise the minimum wage, which could motivate blue-collar Democrats in key areas.The medical model of militarized efficiency was carried over into key areas of civil society.It is interesting to compare a modern computer with the Apollo system in a couple of key areas.This mass of material can be grouped into a number of key areas.One of the key areas of weakness was information management.We were delighted yesterday to obtain the agreement of the manufacturers to concentrate on these three key areas.
From King Business Dictionaryareaar‧e‧a /ˈeəriəˈeriə/ noun [countable]1a part of a city or countryWhat area of Bristol do you live in?the New York metropolitan area (=New York city and the area around it) assisted area depressed area development area dollar area sales area wilderness area2the part of a shop or SHOPPING CENTRE where goods are soldYou enter its sales area straight off the street.3a particular subject, field of activity, or type of businessthe areas of video games, electronic organizers and cellular phones growth areaOrigin area (1500-1600) Latin piece of flat ground