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arboretumar‧bo‧re‧tum /ˌɑːbəˈriːtəm $ ˌɑːr-/ noun (plural arboretums or arboreta /-tə/) [countable] HBPSEa place where trees are grown for scientific study
Examples from the Corpus
arboretumThe original forest garden extended into further plots, an arboretum and a small peace garden.The roots and branches of the Suez war require an arboretum of their own.Popular with senior citizens and the motor-coach touring set, the Heritage Plantation is billed as an Americana theme park and arboretum.White has been at the arboretum for 14 years and observes that the best autumn colour often comes after the worst summers.In 1839-40 George Loddiges laid out the arboretum at the Abney Park cemetery.The arboretum has a romantic history.But the timber is still much prized and Westonbirt arboretum hopes all the felled trunks will be put to good use.So the coppicing at Westonbirt arboretum may help to ensure the survival of more than just the trees.
Origin arboretum (1800-1900) Latin arbor; ARBOREAL