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aquatica‧quat‧ic /əˈkwætɪk, əˈkwɒ- $ əˈkwæ-, əˈkwɑː-/ adjective 1 WATERliving or growing in water an aquatic plant2 WATERinvolving or happening in water aquatic sports
Examples from the Corpus
aquaticWash every item before use, and consider using an aquatic disinfectant on natural items.Meanwhile, the New Zealand Interislander Ferry is bearing down on us like a 350-foot long, 40-foot tall aquatic freight train.Unfortunately, fertilizers from surrounding farmland has reduced the aquatic life.Description: This is an aquatic moss, with irregular branched stems or fronds covered with two rows of spongy leaves.It is a typical aquatic plant with a very short rhizome; stems are very thin, rooting or floating in water.These fish are particularly fond of vegetable foods, and will usually eat tender aquatic plants.An aquarium two or three years old is an ideal environment for the growth and development of all species of aquatic plants.Description: This aquatic water fern is a rosette plant which has dense, fibrous roots.But I was already close enough to the aquatic world for it to become a lifelong obsession.
Origin aquatic (1400-1500) French aquatique, from Latin aquaticus, from aqua water