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aquariuma‧quar‧i‧um /əˈkweəriəm $ əˈkwer-/ ●○○ noun (plural aquariums or aquaria /-riə/) [countable] 1 DLHa clear glass or plastic container for fish and other water animals2 TBBDLa building where people go to look at fish and other water animals
Examples from the Corpus
aquariumThis variety is especially useful for planting in the corners of an aquarium, where it provides a shelter for refuge-seeking fishes.The esthetic appearance of the finished aquarium must of course be given some consideration.Thanks to this quick getaway aquarium heaters need not be shielded to protect Ampullaria from burns.Comments: A. crispus is capable of adapting to many aquarium conditions.Many of the diurnal, or daylight-active species are popular aquarium subjects, but there are also several popular nocturnal species.It is one of the most resistant aquarium plants and should become very popular.With their large mouths they are capable of swallowing smaller aquarium fishes.The tank is slightly overcrowded but regular maintenance of the aquarium does alleviate this situation.
Origin aquarium (1800-1900) Latin aquarius of water, from aqua; AQUATIC