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AprilA‧pril /ˈeɪprəl/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] (written abbreviation Apr.) TMCthe fourth month of the year, between March and Maynext/last April I’m going to Cuba next April.in April Our new office opened in April 2001.on April 6th The meeting will be on April 6th.on 6th April British English I arrived on 6th April.April 6 American English Jim’s birthday’s April 6.
Examples from the Corpus
AprilWith plans to add another 100 staff by April, it is on the cusp of breaking into the big league.The operation is scheduled to run from April 25 to May 20.Mr Haider resigned as party leader in April in the hope that sanctions would be lifted.Roche will report net profit April 24.Heritage Festival, scheduled April 26-May 5 this year.The team has trained together at the Olympic site of Columbus, Ga., since April.April 6The changes will apply only to new contracts taken out on or after April 6 this year.The highest closing price in the past year was 443p on April 6.His next race could be the $ 750,000 Oaklawn Handicap on April 6.First House of Representatives organized April 6.The amnesty applies to money sent abroad prior to April 6, 1991, to avoid the Republic's high tax rates.The case was adjourned for two weeks until April 6.
Origin April (1300-1400) Old French avrill, from Latin Aprilis, perhaps from Greek Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love