Word family noun appreciation adjective appreciable appreciativeunappreciative verb appreciate adverb appreciably appreciatively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappreciativeap‧pre‧cia‧tive /əˈpriːʃətɪv/ adjective 1 THANKfeeling or showing that you enjoy something or are pleased about itappreciative audience/crowdappreciative laughter/applause2 [not before noun] grateful for somethingappreciative of She was appreciative of Greg’s concern for her health.appreciatively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
appreciativeBut Mr Berzins seems so gentle and appreciative.Later he was sorry, and much later he was appreciative.The fans bathed Hrudey in appreciative appreciative audienceWhen the report was finished, Blanche made an appreciative comment.When he was not bowling, his cat-like fielding at midwicket kept an appreciative crowd happy.He wrote a warm, appreciative letter, thanking her for everything she had done.Our new boss is a real joy to work for. She's so appreciative of anything you do for her.I was reflecting my engineering background and was insufficiently appreciative of the human dimension.The crowd was particularly appreciative of understudy Ray Walker, who filled in so ably for the ailing star, Colm Wilkinson.They weren't particularly appreciative the last time I helped them. I don't think I'll bother again.appreciative laughter/applauseBoth were received with appreciative applause.The fans bathed Hrudey in appreciative applause.appreciative ofI'm very pleased and appreciative of the support and kindness you have given me.