Word family noun appreciation adjective appreciable appreciativeunappreciative verb appreciate adverb appreciably appreciatively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappreciateap‧pre‧ci‧ate /əˈpriːʃieɪt/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL verb 1 [transitive]UNDERSTAND to understand how serious or important a situation or problem is or what someone’s feelings are SYN realizeappreciate the significance/importance/value of something He did not fully appreciate the significance of signing the contract.appreciate that We appreciate that caring for children is an important job.appreciate what/how/why It is difficult to appreciate how bad the situation had become.2 [transitive]THANK used to thank someone in a polite way or to say that you are grateful for something they have done Thanks ever so much for your help, I really appreciate it. I appreciate your concern, but honestly, I’m fine. I’d appreciate it if you let me get on with my job.3 [transitive]UNDERSTAND to understand how good or useful someone or something is Her abilities are not fully appreciated by her employer. I’m not an expert, but I appreciate fine works of art.4 [intransitive] technicalVALUE to gradually become more valuable over a period of time OPP depreciate Most investments are expected to appreciate at a steady rate.GrammarPatterns with appreciateYou say: I appreciate your adviceI appreciate having your advice. Don’t say: I appreciate to have your advice.Using the progressiveAppreciate is not used in the progressive in meanings 1,2, and 3. You say: I appreciate what you are saying. Don’t say: I am appreciating what you are saying.Appreciate is used in the progressive in meaning 4: The value of his work is still appreciating. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
appreciateThe 5,000 mostly Catholic villagers are upset that the changes they have made are not appreciated.After one of these, it's very difficult to appreciate a Quarter Pounder or Jumbo Jack.Jan's abilities are not fully appreciated by her employer.Each is appreciated by the other in some way.We really appreciate everything you've done for our daughter.And yet Ralph appreciated his visits.All the bad weather here makes me appreciate home.Changes were taking place, though at the time no one fully appreciated how far-reaching these changes were to be.He patted me on the back and told me how much he needed and appreciated my support.Our house has appreciated over 20% in the last two years.This property has appreciated rapidly during the last ten years.I appreciate that it's not easy for you, but you must try to get here on time.I appreciate that some of you have had to wait all night, and I thank you for your patience.Congress did not appreciate the amount of anger that people felt about this issue.I don't think you appreciate the difficulties this delay will cause.Mom really appreciated the letter you sent.I wonder if he really appreciates the seriousness of the situation.The scale of changes in farmland bird populations is only beginning to be appreciated, the Trust says.Parents have to find ways to show their children that they appreciate their feelings and reactions.But well I appreciate this quiet time.Alan asked me to tell you how much he appreciated your hospitality when he was in London.I don't need any help, but I do appreciate your offer.appreciate what/how/whyJett needs a woman who understands him, who really appreciates how demanding his work is.To begin to appreciate how it drives him, you have to go back to the beginning of his story.These classes offer time to mull over and appreciate how many of their worries are a normal part of pregnancy.Leonard ... Leonard ... he couldn't understand it, couldn't appreciate what's happening to my Alice.Having said this, I can appreciate why these are included.Many SMEs find it difficult to access technology and often do not appreciate how they might benefit from it.Pupils need an introduction to the topic, and may need background information to appreciate what they will see on site.We leave it to the reader to appreciate what this will mean in due course, as work on oneself progresses.I’d appreciate it ifI'd appreciate it if you'd refrain from speaking for me.
From King Business Dictionaryappreciateap‧pre‧ci‧ate /əˈpriːʃieɪt/ verb [intransitive]1to increase in valueTheir art collection has appreciated substantially, almost doubling in value.2FINANCE when a currency appreciates, it increases in value compared to other currenciesappreciate againstThe Egyptian pound has appreciated against other currencies, and this is not good for Egyptian exporters.→ See Verb tableOrigin appreciate (1600-1700) Late Latin past participle of appretiare, from Latin ad- to + pretium price