From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappointap‧point /əˈpɔɪnt/ ●●○ W3 verb [transitive] 1 CHOOSEJOB/WORKto choose someone for a position or a job officials appointed by the governmentappoint somebody to something He’s been appointed to the State Supreme Court.appoint somebody to do something A committee was appointed to consider the plans.appoint (somebody) as something O'Connell was appointed as chairman.2 formalARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETC to arrange or decide a time or place for something to happen The committee appointed a day in June for celebrations. Everyone assembled in the hall at the appointed time (=at the time that had been arranged).appointee /əˌpɔɪnˈtiː, ˌæpɔɪn-/ noun [countable] a presidential appointee self-appointed, well-appointedGRAMMAR: Patterns with appointYou appoint someone to a post or position: He promised to appoint more women to senior positions.You appoint someone as chairman, manager, ambassador etc: The board appointed him as chairman.You appoint someone to do something: Schwarzkopf was appointed to command US forces.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
appointThe French president has appointed a new Minister for Culture.The company has appointed a new sales director.Judge Bailey appointed a new time for the trial.She was later appointed a skating judge.Schreiber was appointed director of human resources.Departments with an eye to the ratings tend to appoint established researchers with proven records, rather than younger, unpublished candidates.At the appointed hour for the concert to begin, crowds began streaming off the parade route and into the park.They have appointed Jane Staller as their new East Coast manager.When he was governor, Brown appointed Rose Bird as chief justice of the California Supreme Court.Pope John Paul II appointed several new bishops.Opponents also cite the city government as an example of where elected officials have abdicated their power to the appointed staff.A committee was appointed to consider changes to the Prison Service.The committee was appointed to make recommendations on housing development in the area.The pro-incorporation committee folks argue that nobody who opposed incorporation should be appointed to the council -- once more demonstrating their exclusivity.Simpson has been appointed to the Memphis Branch board for a three-year term.This is the first time that a woman has been appointed to the post.appoint (somebody) as somethingLisa Lore was appointed as an associate athletic director at the appointed timeEverybody was assembled in the lecture theatre at the appointed time, but no lecturer had arrived.He failed to appear at the appointed time Monday morning, and a bench warrant was issued, du Bain said.Bill met his at the appointed time outside the courtroom.
From King Business Dictionaryappointap‧point /əˈpɔɪnt/ verb [transitive]1to choose someone for a job or positionThe company appointed a new chairman last week.appoint somebody to do somethingIt can appoint a foreign company to manufacture its product under licence.appoint somebody as somethingThey have appointed me as their agent.appoint somebody somethingDonald Chambers was appointed Chief Executive Officer.appoint somebody to somethingOnly accredited organisations are entitled to appoint delegates to the General Committee.2formal to arrange or decide when something will happen or where it will happenThe Lord Chancellor can appoint a day for the new rule to come into effect.We met at the appointed time.→ See Verb tableOrigin appoint (1300-1400) Old French apointier to arrange, from point