Word family noun applicant application adjective applicable applied verb apply
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapplicantap‧pli‧cant /ˈæplɪkənt/ ●○○ noun [countable] ASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO somethingsomeone who has formally asked, usually in writing, for a job, university place etcapplyapplicant for He was one of 30 applicants for the manager’s job.successful/unsuccessful applicant (=someone who is accepted or not accepted for a job etc) Successful applicants will be expected to travel extensively.
Examples from the Corpus
applicantTen women were selected from over 30 applicants.Some 400 applicants apply each year for the 110 first-year places.Applicants for teacher-training courses need to have at least one year's experience.Many job applicants do not know how to write an appealing cover letter.The applicant must pay the Attorney-General's costs before their Lordships' Board.The applicant sought a declaration and/or prerogative orders to identify the lawful decisions and correct any unlawful decisions.The applicant sought judicial review of the Director's decision to seek to enforce compliance with the requirements of the notice.But too many are from unqualified applicants competing for fewer job openings.successful/unsuccessful applicantIn an age of rapidly-changing methods and technology, perception and adaptability are prime requisites for a successful applicant for employment.Home working is a possibility in some areas and the successful applicant may be eligible for a company car.High remuneration, excellent prospects and an immediate cash bonus await the successful applicant who will present himself at twelve noon today.Flexible working may apply to this job and would involve the successful applicant working on average one and half hours per week.The successful applicant will also be offered a £10-a-day travel bonus.The successful applicant will be required to provide academic stimulus and leadership in the Department of Political Science.The successful applicants accepted these offers of split contracts, though without massive enthusiasm.In addition, States also vary in the amounts paid to successful applicants.
From King Business Dictionaryapplicantap‧pli‧cant /ˈæplɪkənt/ noun [countable]1a person who applies for a job or a place at a university, or for official permission to do somethingThe starting salary of the successful applicant will be fixed according to experience.applicant forapplicants for EU membership2FINANCE a person or organization who asks to buy new shares when they are first made availableA share applicant can withdraw his application at any time before allotment is made.