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applianceap‧pli‧ance /əˈplaɪəns/ noun [countable] DHMACHINEa piece of equipment, especially electrical equipment, such as a cooker or washing machine, used in people’s homesdomestic/household etc appliance There’s plenty of space for all the usual kitchen appliances.electrical/gas appliance
Examples from the Corpus
applianceAids and appliances for its understanding are many and varied.People are spending more of their income on goods such as cars and appliances.The company operates retail stores that sell furniture, bedding, appliances and consumer electronics.Now this only leaves the mysterious problem of the advice that comes with nearly every NiCad driven appliance.Use a plug strip for appliances that can be switched off when not in use.To make it easier to return any unwanted purchases, save the original packaging, especially for electronics and household appliances.Squatters had dragged piles of old appliances and furniture in front of them and overturned a car to deter police.Miele make kitchens Miele quality appliances have been putting the finishing touch to kitchens for years.Police reported they had seized appliances, clothing, video and audio tapes from 30 warehouses and storage areas.Three appliances and a hydraulic platform tackled the blaze.electrical/gas applianceHis new job is to make sure lights and electrical appliances are switched off.Much the same applied to new refrigerators and electrical appliances.The voltage is usually 220v and we recommend you take a universal plug adapter for electrical appliances.It's often caused by poorly installed gas appliances.Firemen believe a new electrical appliance may have started the blaze.No electrical appliances in the bathroom!Extending the regulations to more types of gas appliances including premises using gas from cylinders or garden tanks.The panels or arrays are used to run electrical appliances or systems and are connected to batteries to store surplus power.
From King Business Dictionaryapplianceap‧pli‧ance /əˈplaɪəns/ noun [uncountable] MARKETINGa piece of electrical equipment, especially one used in people’s homes such as a cooker or a refrigeratorThe firm manufactures household appliances.