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appleap‧ple /ˈæpəl/ ●●● S2 W3 noun 1 apple.jpg DFF[countable, uncountable] a hard round fruit that has red, light green, or yellow skin and is white inside apple pie an apple tree roast pork and apple sauce (=a thick sauce made from cooked apples) cooking apple, eating apple2 be the apple of somebody’s eye3 bob/dunk/dip for apples4 be as American as apple pie5 the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree upset the apple cart at upset1, → a rotten apple at rotten1(7), → Adam's apple, Big Apple, theCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesjuicya juicy green applesweetThis apple’s really sweet and delicious.sour/tart (=not at all sweet)Some people prefer a slightly sour apple.rotten (=bad, so that the skin goes brown)There were a few rotten apples lying on the eating/dessert apple (=one which is sweet enough to eat)Use dessert apples for this recipe.a cooking applea baked apple (=one that has been cooked in the oven)verbseat an appleSome people say that you should eat an apple every day.bite into an appleSue bit into her apple with a loud crunch.munch on an apple (=eat it)He was munching on an apple.peel an apple (=remove the skin)Peel the apples and slice them finely.core an apple (=remove the middle part containing the seeds)Core the apples and cut into quarters.
Examples from the Corpus
appleGently I reach to the side and pluck an apple off the tree, then drop it.But when she swallowed, the first mouthful of crisp apple hurt her throat so much she almost cried.Yes, crushed apple was a very good medicine when properly blended with glucose and sterile milk for small stomachs.Her appearance reminded me of a cute apple doll you buy at the fair.If you have one rotten apple in the bunch, it impacts the others.I imagined how the apple had come to be in my bed.They thought of ways to make the apple fall.
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AppleApple trademark 1 a US computer company whose best-known products include the iPod, iPad, and iPhone2 a type of computer made by this company. These machines are regarded as being easy to use, and have a different operating system from PCs. They are usually called ‘Macs’.
Origin apple Old English æppel