appellate court

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appellate courtap‧pel‧late court /əˌpelət ˈkɔːt $ -ˈkɔːrt/ noun [countable] SCLa court in which people appeal against decisions made in other courts of law
Examples from the Corpus
appellate courtHowever, there has not been an appellate court case on this topic in the public schools.Last January, an appellate court said all proceedings could begin while Clinton held office.Eighteen months later an appellate court reversed the convictions and criticized the conduct of the trial judge and the prosecution.Too often a trial becomes a contest between the trial judge and the appellate court, and justice is forgotten.Other documents must be filed and served as soon as practicable, subject to any direction of the appellate court.The appellate court may then make the order if it thinks fit.
Origin appellate court (1800-1900) appellate (1700-1800) Latin, past participle of appellare; APPEAL2