Word family noun appearancedisappearance reappearance verb appeardisappear reappear
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appearap‧pear /əˈpɪə $ əˈpɪr/ ●●● S2 W1 verb 1 seem [linking verb]SEEM used when saying how someone or something seems. Appear is more formal than seemappear to be something The diamonds appeared to be genuine.appear to do something The research appears to show that the drug is effective in most cases.appear to somebody He didn't appear to me to be a violent appears (that) (=used when saying what you think has happened or is true) It appears that all the files have been deleted.there appear(s) to be something (=used when saying what you think has happened or is true) There appears to be some kind of problem. Police have found what appear to be human remains. He tried to make it appear that she had committed suicide. It may be less useful than it first appears.appear + adj During the interview she appeared calm and relaxed. I don’t want to appear it would appear (=used when saying that something seems to be true, although you are not completely sure) ‘Have they gone?’ ‘So it would appear.’GrammarLinking verbsAppear is a linking verb. This type of verb links the subject of the sentence with an adjective or noun: His explanation appears unlikely.This appears a good solution.Using the progressiveAppear is not used in the progressive in this meaning. You say: He appears to be unhappy. Don’t say: He is appearing to be unhappy.2 start to be seen [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]APPEAR to start to be seen, to arrive, or to exist in a place, especially suddenly Two faces appeared at our window. A man suddenly appeared from behind a tree. Small cracks appeared in the wall. It was nearly an hour before Sweeney appeared in the pub.appear from nowhere/out of nowhere (=appear suddenly and unexpectedly) The car seemed to appear from nowhere.3 film/tv programme etc [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]PERFORM to take part in a film, play, concert, television programme etcappear in a film/play She has already appeared in a number of films.appear on television/stage He appeared on national television to deny the claims.appear at a theatre etc4 book/newspaper etc [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]PUBLICIZE/MAKE KNOWN to be written or shown on a list, in a book or newspaper, in a document etc The story appeared in all the national newspapers. Some of the material used has appeared in print before (=has been published).5 available/known [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to become widely available or known about The new range will be appearing in shops in the autumn. New courses are appearing every year.6 law court/meeting [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]SCLTRIAL to go to a law court or other official meeting to give information, answer questions etc The three men are due to appear in court tomorrow.appear before a court/judge/committee etc She appeared before Colchester magistrates charged with attempted murder.appear for somebody/on behalf of somebody (=to be the legal representative for someone) Sir Nicholas Gammon QC appeared on behalf of the defendant.THESAURUSappear to start to be seen, especially suddenlyA few small white clouds appeared on the horizon.pop up to appear very suddenlyA woman’s face popped up from the other side of the fence.become visible to gradually start to be able to be seenThe shape of the baby’s head gradually became visible on the screen.come into view if something comes into view, you start to see it as you move closer to it, or it gets closer to youThe white cliffs of Dover came into view.come out if the sun, moon, or the stars come out, they suddenly appearThe sun came out from behind a cloud. loom/loom up if a large frightening object or person looms, they appear suddenlyThe dark shape of the castle loomed up out of the mist.The man’s face suddenly loomed over him. resurface to appear again after being lost or missingThe girl’s father has resurfaced after six years of no contact.
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Examples from the Corpus
appearDuring this initial period it will be necessary to use whatever methods appear appropriate to deal with the patient's distress.Just then, Gillian appeared as if from nowhere.Hopkins will be appearing as Willie Lomax in next week's production.Karen appeared at my house around 9 o'clock.Neil appeared at my house around 9 o'clock.Lauren's name appears at the front of the book.The boys were well into their training by the time I appeared at the Leander Club on the Sunday morning.A face appeared at the window.I heard a tap, and Lila's face appeared at the window.Lois was about to knock when a woman appeared from around the side of the house.A gray sedan appeared from nowhere in the fast lane.All these people seem to have appeared from nowhere.A spider appeared from under the sofa.Pavarotti will be appearing in a number of concerts over the summer.Rules do really appear in accounts concerning the interpretation and justification of action.Meeks is scheduled to appear in court February 5.At that moment, Kenny appeared in the doorway.A drop-down menu appeared on the screen, and I clicked 'Format'.An image appeared on the screen.On February 9,1913, a brilliant fireball appeared over Regina, Saskatchewan, heading eastward.His current situation would appear quite idyllic once the newspapers hit the doorsteps in the morning.It's difficult to ask someone their age without appearing rude.Police said it appeared that John Seidler's death was an accident, but an investigation continues.Resurrection ferns, for instance, lose their color during dry conditions and may even appear to be dead.My father appeared to be in good health.She appeared to be searching for dust, fussing over square micrometers where maybe some of it had landed.At one point Jeffries walked in, trailed by Taiwo, and appeared to hand a card to a student.Roger appeared very it would appearEducation is being pushed more towards being an instrument of national policy, or so it would appear to an outsider.appear on television/stageI also go to conferences, seminars, speak on programmes like Farming Today, appear on television and write letters.Most performers appear on stage so briefly that we barely connect with them.When talking heads appear on television, there is nothing to record or document, no change in process.Ellie appeared on stage to a standing ovation.The secretary of state for Northern Ireland appeared on television to read a special apologia for detention without trial.The first time he appeared on stage was in 1848, with Jack Diamond.But it is not generally the stuff that appears on television, where self-restraint has become the norm.He never appeared on stage without a rope in his hand and chewing gum in his mouth.appeared in printIt was raw, frank and eventually it appeared in print.The top story, about police computers, turned out to be slightly too long when it appeared in print.About 60 of them actually appeared in print and not necessarily in the order of context I had written them.By the time the news appeared in print , most people had already heard about it.Anything that has appeared in print so many times must be true.appear before a court/judge/committee etcBrian Mounsey, from Liverpool, admitted possessing two kilos of heroin when he appeared before a court in Bangkok.Time allowed 00:06 A man who was captured on video torturing a cat has appeared before a court in Worcester.
Origin appear (1200-1300) Old French aparoir, from Latin apparere, from ad- to + parere to show yourself