Appeal Court

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Appeal CourtApˈpeal ˌCourt noun [singular] SCLthe Court of Appeal
Examples from the Corpus
Appeal CourtGovernment lawyers have been encouraged by a 1997 Appeal Court judgment preventing the spy George Blake from receiving royalties on his autobiography.Last month three Court of Appeal court judges refused to overturn the libel jury's verdict.
From King Business DictionaryAppeal CourtApˈpeal Court noun [countable] another name for COURT OF APPEALappeal courtapˈpeal court [countable] British English (also appeals court), appellate court American EnglishLAW a court where someone can ask for a decision or judgement made in a lower court to be changedAn appeals court overturned the $5.2 million award.A jury in a state court ruled in favor of the Morning News and an appellate court upheld the decision. court