From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapoliticala‧po‧lit‧i‧cal /ˌeɪpəˈlɪtɪkəl◂/ adjective POLITICSnot interested in politics, or not connected with any political party a group of apolitical young professional people an apolitical organization
Examples from the Corpus
apoliticalFinally, she appeared in court in 1976, subdued and generally apolitical.How then did this apolitical, academic subject come to play such an important part in the development of Marxism?We are apolitical although we have to be aware of the political impact our work can have in some areas.The campus had become increasingly apolitical as the fraction of immigrants had grown.She even adopts uncritically an apolitical, humanist version of psychological democracy.She would have made the secret love child of Leon Trotsky and Margaret Thatcher look like an uncommitted, apolitical layabout.