Word family noun announcement announcer adjective unannounced verb announce adverb unannounced
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announcean‧nounce /əˈnaʊns/ ●●● S2 W1 verb [transitive] 1 SAY/STATEPUBLICIZE/MAKE KNOWNto officially tell people about something, especially about a plan or a decision They announced their engagement in ‘The Times’.announce a decision/intention/plan The government has announced plans to create 10,000 new jobs.announce that A government spokesman announced that the hostages had been released. At the end of their meeting, it was announced that an agreement had been reached.announce something to somebody Cordon announced his resignation to staff members on Wednesday.see thesaurus at tell2 ANGRYto say something, especially something that other people will not like, in a loud and confident way SYN state ‘I’m not going to their party, ’ Maggie announced.announce (that) He stood up and announced that he was ready to go.see thesaurus at say3 INFORMATIONto give information to people using a loudspeaker or microphone, especially at an airport or railway station We arrived just as they were announcing the arrival of Flight 207 from Minneapolis.4 announce somebody/yourself5 AMTto introduce a programme on television or radio
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Examples from the Corpus
announceHe then sunk his head into his hand as the ensuing guilty verdicts were announced.Hutchison plans to announce an endorsement shortly before the March 12 Texas primary.The winner of the award will be announced at a dinner at the Sheraton Hotel.They announced plans to close 11 factories.He called its performance standards intolerable and announced plans to privatise it.The Company announced profits of about $400 million.But prices at the pumps remained unchanged, enabling oil companies to announce record profits.The Spanish government announced that it would invest over $14,000 million in the Latin American region.The government has announced the date of the next election.A man's voice announced the departure of the L.A. bus.They announced their engagement last year, but have still not set a date for their wedding.The Prime Minister has just announced there is to be a General Election next was announced thatIn January, it was announced that 1,000 skilled civilian jobs will stay at McClellan for five more years.Rumours were soon in circulation about the surrender, and a few days later it was announced that 47,000 wounded had been saved.At the end of the meeting, it was announced that donors had pledged US$1,200 million in aid for 1991.And last October it was announced that his claims to be innocent would be heard once again by the Court of Appeal.Eight months later it was announced that Nagy and his colleagues were to be rehabilitated.Later that month it was announced that national and state-level elections would be held in Punjab in mid-June.A week later it was announced that she and Mark Phillips would separate.announce (that)Paisley and Major Ronald Bunting announced a counter-demonstration.Formal confirmation will be announced by the International Board in Wellington tomorrow afternoon.As Wilson announced his withdrawal, he offered a glimpse of how he would like to like to see himself.The club was announcing its Brain of the Year for 1991.Preliminary results for elections to a total of 483 seats in the four provincial assemblies were announced on Oct. 29.The Blues' starting lineup was not announced, so the fans had to save their catcalls for the game.Nationwide announced that 300 redundancies will be made when it closes 58 of its 361 estate agency branches.Weaver announced that he would retire in June.Virgil Glover came home one day and announced with some irritation that he was living right in town.
Origin announce (1400-1500) French annoncer, from Latin annuntiare, from ad- to + nuntiare to report