From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanniversaryan‧ni‧ver‧sa‧ry /ˌænəˈvɜːsəri $ -ɜːr-/ ●●○ noun (plural anniversaries) [countable] CELEBRATEa date on which something special or important happened in a previous year Jack and Kim celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary in January.anniversary of A huge parade was held on the anniversary of the 1959 revolution.
Examples from the Corpus
anniversaryOthers even offer to send e-mail reminders of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.The single event which marked the dividing line was the company's twenty-fifth anniversary celebration in April 1979.For today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directive.Last Wednesday marked the second anniversary of the 29-year-old's death.First, can I say congratulations on reaching your tenth anniversary.Today to mark that anniversary a veteran peace campaigner cut through the base fence.The anniversary had remained trapped in the unconscious, never reflected on.our twentieth wedding anniversarywedding anniversaryWhat would the photos of my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary have revealed?No concessions are made to their infant's chicken pox or wedding anniversaries.February 14 is my parents' wedding anniversary.The idea of making a special flower picture to commemorate a particular wedding anniversary works very well.We also share the same wedding anniversary!The couple plan to celebrate the victory and their seventh wedding anniversary by taking their children to Disneyworld in Florida.Something the wife of a golf pro would wear to a barbecue celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary.
Origin anniversary (1200-1300) Medieval Latin anniversarium, from Latin anniversarius returning each year, from annus (ANNUAL1) + vertere to turn