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amphitheatream‧phi‧thea‧tre British English, amphitheater American English /ˈæmfəˌθɪətə $ -ər/ noun [countable] APTa large circular building without a roof and with many rows of seats
Examples from the Corpus
amphitheatreA county shaped like an amphitheatre.Another exists at Frilford, with a walled precinct containing at least one temple and now supplemented by the recently-discovered amphitheatre.The upper team would have been on the logging track above the natural amphitheatre when he broke for cover.A good museum in the castle is stuffed with antiquities, while a Roman amphitheatre overlooks all.Beer followed pizza and we looked round the Roman amphitheatre which had been built by Roman legionnaires 1,800 years before.It is 157 feet high and the amphitheatre from wall to wall is 620 by 513 feet, the largest in existence.I thought involuntarily of the gladiators of old, entering into the amphitheatre.The most notable evidence is the amphitheatre.