From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamounta‧mount1 /əˈmaʊnt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable, uncountable] 1 AMOUNTa quantity of something such as time, money, or a substanceamount of They spend equal amounts of time in California and New York.a considerable/large/enormous etc amount a considerable amount of moneya small/tiny etc amount a tiny amount of dirt Please pay the full amount (=of money) by the end of the month.2 used to talk about how much there is of a feeling or qualitya large/considerable etc amount of something Her case has attracted an enormous amount of public sympathy.a certain/fair amount of something Dina encountered a fair amount of envy among her colleagues.3 no amount of something can/will etc do something4 any amount of somethingTHESAURUSamount how much of something there isTry to reduce the amount of fat in your diet.a tiny amount of poisonquantity a particular amount of food, liquid, or another substance that can be measured – used especially in written descriptions and instructionsMake sure that you add the right quantity of milk.They buy the wood in large quantities.volume the amount of something such as business activity or traffic, especially when this is large or increasingThe volume of traffic on our roads has risen sharply.the huge volume of trade with Chinalevel the exact amount of something at one time, which can go up or down at other timesThey measured the level of alcohol in his blood.There is a high level of unemployment.proportion the amount of something, compared with the whole amount that existsthe proportion of road accidents caused by drunk driversA high proportion of the students were from poor families.quota a maximum amount of something that can be produced, sold, brought into a country etcimport quotas on Japanese carsyield /jiːld/ the amount of something that is produced, especially cropsthis year’s cotton yield
Examples from the Corpus
amountHe was fined $300,000, an amount that would ruin the average householder.We spent an astonishing amount of money in town today.Marshall had taken to calling it the rumour factory because a disproportionate amount of time seemed to be wasted on chatter.He knows an enormous amount about Italian paintings.You must pay the full amount in advance.Please pay the full amount by the end of the month.Losers are often very numerous and lose large amounts of their income.The pillars of coal left behind were compressed, releasing large amounts of an explosive mixture of air and methane called firedamp.Children love to feed the fish, but you must make sure they understand the importance of giving the right amount.He expects to spend a similar amount on getting his daughter through college.She has a pension, and receives a small amount from her ex-husband.The water here contains small amounts of calcium and other minerals.They spent small amounts of money on load limitation experiments, but decided to do nothing.There is growing alarm at the amount of violence on the streets of our city.This is because the key factor in their diet is the amount of seafood they eat daily.Work out the amount you spend each month on food and clothes.Of particular interest are genes that reduce the amount of a substance called lignin, or that weaken lignin's chemical structure.Try to reduce the amount of fat in your diet.The judge reduced the amount of money awarded to the victim.There seemed to be no limit to the amount of alcohol the jar would produce.The amount of calories a person needs each day is determined by the type of work they do.The amount of car crime seems to be on the increase.The amount of tax you pay depends on how much you earn.Heinz Co. acquired the ailing food company for an undisclosed amount.the full amountWe recommended funding for the full amount of their request for acquisition, which was $ 212,500.If it is not for the full amount of the debt, why isn't it?The first woman spent the lot, the second spent half and banked the rest and the third invested the full amount.Or offer to pay what you think is fair - not the full amount.In other areas, social services will collect and pay the owner the full amount of money due.Except Medicare, which pays the full amount.He says he found Scott had underbid one item by about $ 8, although it charged SunTran the full amount.Cancellation charges up to the full amount payable.a certain/fair amount of somethingBy happenstance, and a fair amount of reaching out by Lindsey, we started playing together and it was great.My present job has a certain amount of prestige attached to it.That involved a fair amount of travel.The Empire is always shot through with a certain amount of politics and with different men pulling this way and that.The second effect it had on me was to give me a certain amount of self belief.There was a certain amount of rearrangement as the whole audience linked.This requires a fair amount of work on your part.You must have lived in your home a certain amount of time, for example.
amountamount2 ●○○ verb amount to something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
amountDuring 1981 - 2, three instalments were issued amounting to more than 2000 pages.For within market relations two new kinds of control, amounting in some cases to dominance, have become apparent.She is now unable to work and receives benefits, including invalidity benefit, amounting to approximately £90.00 per week.It is uncertain whether words alone can amount to an assault.But human ingenuity and intelligence, plus what may amount to an instinct for symbolism, comes to the rescue.Without that, no talks will ever amount to more than the briefest of encounters.However, opponents charge that the new Internet regulations amount to unconstitutional censorship that would criminalize expression protected by the First Amendment.
From King Business Dictionaryamounta‧mount1 /əˈmaʊnt/ noun [countable, uncountable] a quantity of somethingdebts that vary in amountFigures show a big rise in the amount of money in the economy.You must pay the full amount in advance.a cheque in settlement of the amount owing face amountamountamount2 verb amount to something→ See Verb tableOrigin amount2 (1300-1400) Old French amonter, from amont upward, from mont mountain