Word family noun amendment verb amend
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamendmenta‧mend‧ment /əˈmendmənt/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable, uncountable]CHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER a small change, improvement, or addition that is made to a law or document, or the process of doing this constitutional amendmentsamendment to an amendment to the resolution
Examples from the Corpus
amendmentCongress passed an amendment ensuring that the law was fairer to everyone.In his speech, Dole specifically endorsed only one of them, an amendment mandating a balanced budget.Senate debate on the proposed balanced budget amendment could begin as early as next week.It took three constitutional amendments after the Civil War to overrule his decision.That was music to the ears of Tory Euro-rebels who planned to back the Labour amendment.Stenholm's proposed amendment required the President to submit a balanced budget to Congress each year.A separate amendment would empower the Bar Council to charge its members compulsory practising certificate fees for the first time.The committee proposed some amendments to the rules.amendment toan amendment to the new banking bill