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allotmental‧lot‧ment /əˈlɒtmənt $ əˈlɑːt-/ noun 1 [countable, uncountable]SHARE an amount or share of something such as money or time that is given to someone or something, or the process of doing this The budget allotment for each county is below what is needed.allotment of the allotment of shares in the company2 [countable] British EnglishDLG a small area of land that people can rent for growing vegetables
Examples from the Corpus
allotmentCommoners would receive an allotment of land.In the event of a share issue a bank may handle the advertisement, application and allotment of shares.Concern for this issue stems from a range of different interests, from allotments to aesthetics.It also means he's lost his allotment.There is a thin strip of wasteland between the allotments and the depot which could be home to rats.All over the allotments identical columns of light were rising.I like to go to the allotment.allotment ofThe allotment of scholarships to minorities has dropped.
From King Business Dictionaryallotmental‧lot‧ment /əˈlɒtməntəˈlɑːt-/ noun [countable]1an amount or share of something such as money or time that is given to a person or organizationThey argued that they needed their full allotment of vacation days as the job is very stressful.2FINANCE the number of shares allocated to each possible buyer when new shares are first made availableSYNALLOCATIONInvestors may wish to buy more than the 9 million share allotment. see also letter of allotment