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albumal‧bum /ˈælbəm/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 TCRa group of songs or pieces of music on a record, CD, download etc The band plan to release their new album next week.2 DLa book that you put photographs, stamps etc in a photograph album
Examples from the Corpus
albumThese will be made up into an album of at least eight prints and the best portrait will be specially framed for album of Disney songsIn any album deal, we normally take options for six albums.The tracks were interspersed with dialogue, which gave the duo the idea for the new album.There are hundreds of album covers and lists of songs but not much history or context.Tim was looking through an old photograph album she'd put out, with pictures of previous Christmases.She remembered that somewhere Dorothy had kept old photograph albums and, on a whim, began to search for them.I thought if they were stars, they would be selling gold and platinum albums.So, a sort of ignominious continuation - Elvis Costello's thirty-third album!a wedding album
Origin album (1600-1700) Latin unused surface for writing on, from albus white