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airlineair‧line /ˈeəlaɪn $ ˈer-/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable] TTABa company that takes passengers and goods to different places by plane an airline pilot
Examples from the Corpus
airlineAlthough the prototype currently simulates these activities, actual airline operations will be used in production models.It has been 30 years since a president considered an airline strike important enough to use the emergency powers.Church leaders should gather data much as airline pilots read their instrument panel during flight.The aircraft is popular among commuter airlines.But it did limit airline growth.Despite such handicaps, El Al intends to join the growing squadron of airlines that are being privatised.Long before other airlines adopted electronic ticketing, Southwest Airlines was using it to reduce costs and loading times.The airline had withstood the predatory pricing moves of its competitors, and overcome its early loss.
From King Business Dictionaryairlineair‧line /ˈeəlaɪnˈer-/ noun [countable]ORGANIZATIONSTRANSPORTTRAVEL an organization offering transport by plane for passengers and goodsIBM is an IT supplier to most major airlines world wide.It is considering operating as a charter airline (=an airline whose planes can be hired).It had to restructure its business, as no-frills airlines began to cut into its profits.